4 Ways You Know Its Time to Throw Your Natural Hair Products Out


Hair products actually have an expiration date believe it or not, . Unfortunately, there isn’t a “use by” date printed on many of the labels of your favorite natural hair products, so you’ll have to use your senses and your sound judgment to decide when it’s time to discard a natural hair care product.  Below are four tips to help you decide when to toss hair products that could be expiring and not working for your hair as well as they should: 

A Distinctive Change in Odor

If your hair products are starting to smell rancid or have the slightest odor of mildew  it’s definitely time to toss them out. You may also notice that when some products start to spoil, the fragrance will totally disappear and in some cases you may notice that there is a distinct chemical smell in your expired hair products. It would not be wise to use these products on your hair and you should throw them out immediately.

A Substantial Change in Appearance & Consistency

For most natural hair products separation of the ingredients can be expected to occur. There may be hair products in your stash that you’ve been holding on to for several months that have started to separate. If you not only notice a substantial separation of the oils but a change in the colors , consistency or texture you’ll want to toss them in the garbage.

Not Following Storage Instructions

When a product seems to spoil fast its usually because the item wasn’t stored correctly. Some hair products will tell you on the label how to store them. There are some products that recommend you store them in a cool, dry area. Although it may seem practical to leave hair products such as shampoo, conditioner or detangler in the shower for convenience, the heat and humidity could breed bacterial growth and cause faster spoilage.

Shorter Shelf Life

Keep in mind those products that use 100 percent, all natural, and organic ingredients will tend to have a shorter shelf life. Although many of these products may contain all natural preservatives to extend their shelf life, they will spoil faster than those products that contain more synthetic ingredients. When in doubt, contact the company to inquire on the recommended expiration dates of your hair products.


How do you know when it’s time to toss your hair products?


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