5 Tips for Looking Fabulous at That Summer Wedding

natural-hair-bride-tifanniIt’s wedding season. Flowers are in bloom. The sun is shining. Beautiful, colorful weddings are in full swing.  But with beautiful summer weddings come hot and humid weather… not the ideal conditions for wedding hairstyles.  Hairstyles –especially natural hairstyles  — for summer weddings are a major conundrum. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or an attendee, no one wants to arrive to a wedding with their hair in a disarray.  Since I recently attended one of my close friend’s wedding, I thought I’d share some tips for fabulous wedding hair. (Coincidentally, the bride, most of the bridal party, and all of my friends rocked fabulous natural hair!)

Don’t Straighten Your Hair

I’m going to lead with the obvious.  Don’t straighten your hair. I know it’s tempting, but don’t do it. Last year, I was itching to straighten my hair. So, I did… for an August wedding. It held up for the most part, but I ended up pulling it into a bun to avoid a huge mess.  Heat, humidity, and sweat (from lots of dancing) is a recipe for big, frizzy hair. So unless that is the look you are going for, try another style.

Try an Updo

If you want to pretty much guarantee that your hair will stay in place, then try an updo.  For my friend’s wedding, I did a Curlformer set overnight.  Unfortunately, my hair started to swell on the drive to New York. As soon as I arrived, I put it into an updo.  Any curl that I thought would drop, was neatly secured with a pin. The style lasted all night!

Add Fake Hair to Your Updo

Even if you have long hair, adding fake hair is a great way to ensure that your hair will stay frizz-free. Besides, it adds the va-va-voom factor. My close friend and even the bride added hair to their look. They both have LONG hair. Although some people frown on fake hair, it’s predictable. (No surprise frizz or swelling.) And it’s more likely to hold up in summer weather.

Set Your Curls  on Wet Hair

If  you want your curls to have some staying power, then set your hair when wet. And set them tightly. (No loose curls, please!) That way, even if your curls drop, you will still have some curls to make it through the night. This concept works on relaxed, natural, and loc’d hair alike.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Every bride knows to pack an emergency kit filled with hair pins and safety pins to save the day. But others should pack these items as well. There will be professional photographers and videographes capturing the day so you want to look your best. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!


The next time you attend a wedding or are the star of your own, keep these tips in mind.  You’ll get to enjoy the day with your hair intact. Does anyone have any additional tips for summer wedding hair?


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