4 Must-Haves for Your Scalp

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer


Misto Olive Oil Sprayer turns any of your oil mixtures into an oil sheen spray without chemicals or propellants. Perfect for adding a quick shine to your hair on the go.  Below India of My Natural Sistas demonstrates.

Roots Only Applicator Bottle

Roots Only Comb Applicator Bottle

This is not your typical applicator bottle… No Mess or wasted oil. Just comb and squeeze to apply; oil flows through hollow teeth directly to scalp and roots for even distribution. Even easy to apply in hard to reach areas like the back of head.

Buy Roots Only Applicator Bottle, $6.19

Applicator Bottle

Jojoba Oil Applicator Bottle | 5 Natural Hair Must-Haves on Amazon

Whether you’re oiling your scalp or shampooing your head, an applicator bottle can come in handy.  The tip can get in between any protective style. Or use it while shampooing to prevent hair dryness by only apply the shampoo directly to your scalp.

Get an Applicator Bottle

In my case, toss the bottle and just use the applicator tip. Most applicator tips fit securely onto oil bottles like the Jojoba Oil pictured above.

Travel Size Spray Bottle

Travel Size Spray Bottle

Do you like to make a special blend of oils? I do. This little spray bottle is perfect for that. You can spray your combination of coconut oil and olive oil directly on any dry spots.

Buy: Travel Size Spray Bottle, $3.99


5 thoughts on “4 Must-Haves for Your Scalp

  1. Laura

    Getting these products are all online?
    I really don’t like buying online!!
    Is there a place of purchase?


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