Prevent Damage to Your Edges

5 Ways to Prevent & Repair Thinning Edges

Prevent Damage to Your Edges

Dwindling Edges…

When you have damaged, thinning, balding edges its absolute the worst! This section of your hair can’t be missed and there is little you can do to hide it. So it’s best that you catch things in time before it get out of hand. If you have noticed that your edges are starting to thin out here are some tips for getting things back on track:

Avoid really tight braids that pull your edges

When worn too frequently braids are known to thin out edges and in the worst case scenario they can cause traction alopecia. Read more about Traction Alopecia.


Braids do have the advantage of protecting your hair from over manipulation, but when it comes to your edges sometimes the tension is just too much.  Read the Do’s and Don’ts of Braid Extensions

If you’ve just taken out a set of braid extension, give your hair plenty of breathing time. Also make sure you ask your stylist to go easy on your edges so that they are not pulled too tightly. If your edges are looking really bad you may want to lay off period.

See Also: 5 Tips for Removing Braids without Damage

Tight ponytails can cause edges to thin as well

Sometimes when we wear our ponytails we  like them to be sleek and a tighter ponytail definitely achieves this. However wearing a slicked back and tight ponytail too frequently can damage your edges.  Damage can be mitigated by switching up your style and not consistently pulling your hair back in this position.

Avoid picking, twirling, or manipulating this area

If you have a habit of twirling or manipulating this area stop it! The thinning of your edges is a sign that your hair is being over manipulated and too much tension is being applied. Constantly touching this area will cause even more damage.  Instead try massaging or gently rubbing oils in that area to stimulate hair growth.

Smooth product on rather than using a brush

It is okay to use a brush every once in a while for smoothing but avoid making it a daily habit. Brushes can rip and tear at the hair and if you use it too often overtime you will notice your hair will become thinner. Instead choose products that you can smooth on with your hands and will lay your edges down nicely.

Let your hair breathe more by implementing more low manipulation styles

Give your hair a new style and some healthy variation by doing more low manipulation styles like braid outs, twist outs, and bantu knot outs.

Castor oil can help re-grow thinning edges. But if that isn’t working there are other options. You can read about it here.

Have you ever had this issue? If so how did you get your edges to grow back?



3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Prevent & Repair Thinning Edges

  1. Kesha

    I would also add that the use of gels and edge tamers is something else to mindful of as they can cause a certain amount of damage if used in excess.

  2. Mignondee

    Hair bonnets are a big culprit of thinning edges as well. If you notice that your hair is breaking around the edges because of this, tie a thin satin or silk scarf around the edges and place the bonnet on top to cover the left out hair.

  3. Karisa

    I did have a shedding problem (post partum) and so I developed a hair oil to address it. You can learn more on my site. I’m also a licensed cosmetologist, so I got to work right away with what I knew. Regardless of what methods you use, consistency is key and treating your hair with TLC. Protective styling, scalp massages, and eating a balanced diet REALLY helps. Many experience great results with supplements too, but keep in mind that they work best in conjunction with raw foods.


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