3 Ways Selfies Can Help Your Natural Hair Journey

3 Ways Selfies Can Help Your Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair Selfies

Without a doubt, selfies have gotten a bad rep.  Selfies have become equated with a self-absorbed, narcissistic culture. Even, I decided that I would cut down on taking selfies. I felt too focused on taking selfies… and too caught up in taking them rather than enjoying the moment.

But then I heard about a Selfie Project (check out the video below), where selfies were used to help a group of students and their mothers to build self-esteem. It allowed participants to see themselves without any filters. And at a photo exhibit, that featured their favorite selfies; attendees wrote positive notes of support.

Seeing this video, reminded me of how helpful selfies have been in my natural hair journey. Whether I’m viewing my own selfie or another woman’s selfie, it has been a source of inspiration.  Natural hair floods my instagram account and I’m sure it floods yours too. Here are some ways selfies can help your natural hair journey.

Natural Hair Support

When I first started on my natural hair journey, my family was skeptical of my TWA. So as I struggled with styling my new fro, I turned to social media and blogs for support.  Comments about the beauty of my hair were reassuring when I wasn’t confident about my hair. The natural hair online community is incredibly supportive.  And for that, I am grateful. It’s amazing how a “Like” or comment from a stranger can brighten your day.

Length Checks and Comparisons

Whenever you feel stuck or experience a setback, selfies become an essential resource.  Many times, I didn’t notice my hair’s growth — until I looked back at pictures. This was most helpful at the beginning of my journey, when I felt like my hair would never grow.  Now, my selfies are most helpful when I experience setbacks. Recently I experienced some heat damage; selfies helped me determine whether a strand was heat damaged or had naturally looser curls.

Style Gallery

Whether you are looking at your own pics or someone else’s, selfies are great for style inspiration.  Whenever I am in a style rut, I turn to Instagram to revisit some of my old styles or try a new style I find.  In 2014, I plan on trying some new things. No more: twists, twist-out, repeat. No sir!

So, you see! Selfies aren’t bad, at all!

How have selfies helped you on your natural hair journey? Who is your natural hair inspiration on Instagram? What is your IG name?


One thought on “3 Ways Selfies Can Help Your Natural Hair Journey

  1. Chandra Allen

    No unfortunately I am not very photogenic and don’t like the way I look in pictures. Greenbeauty is my inspiration on Instagram YouTube Facebook. My Instagram name is skylaar_hotice_tate


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