6 DIY Hair Care Recipes for Your Complete Natural Hair Regimen

Here are 6 DIY  Hair Care Recipes for every step in your natural hair routine; from pre-shampoo treatment, scalp rinse, cleanser, deep conditioner, moisturizer, to a styling gel. One recipe even has a special ingredient… (Hint: its chocolate 😉 ) Click Through for  DIY Hair Care Recipes.

6 DIY Hair Care Recipes for Your Complete Natural Hair Regimen For many people, making the transition to wearing their natural hair is all about growing strong, healthy, chemical-free hair. For some, this may mean eliminating the use of any products that contain chemicals, or turning from the chemical relaxers and/or chemical hair dyes to more natural alternatives. Some just enjoy making their own products. Whatever your reasons, mixing up DIY hair care recipes at home is a cost efficient and much healthier alternative to using a lot of products that you see on the shelves.

  • Pre-Shampoo: Moisturizing Oil Treatment
  • Scalp & Hair Cleanser: Bentonite Clay Hair Mask
  • Hair Rinse: Apple Cider Vinegar & Tea Tree Rinse
  • Deep Conditioner: Chocolate Honey Hair Smoothie
  • Moisturizer: Shea & Jojoba Moisturizing Butter
  • Flaxseed & Aloe Vera Styling Gel

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7 thoughts on “6 DIY Hair Care Recipes for Your Complete Natural Hair Regimen

  1. Julie R Salazar

    Was so curious to try the clay and henna mix together with yogurt and oil of choice, mixed well, dampened hair, applied and left on for only 1 hour. Was afraid hair would fall, but after rinsing well to my surprise my hair was super soft omg and no breakage, feels stronger as well. Not sure if followed this receipe from your site, but thanks for sharing all your hair info:)

  2. Veta

    I been using a mixture of black castor oil ,tea tree oil, Braggs Amino acids, olive oil, and melted down coconut oil to Reggie my edges and thicken my hair. The rub it on the morning across my edges front back and sides. At night I use an applicator to apply as I part my hair in 4 sections and massage around my edges. I massage able 10 mins and then put on a shower cap under my satin bonnet. When I awake my hair is luscious and soft. I try do this every night. I’m seeing fantastic results.

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