The Tell Tale Signs it’s Time for a Trim


Keeping your ends in check is an important part of hair care but it can be hard to know when to trim your natural hair. While trimming doesn’t necessarily “make” your hair grow it enables you to retain more length. There was a time when I was once so scared of having my hair cut. However, what I didn’t realize is that by holding onto lifeless ends the health of my hair greatly diminished. Damaged ends also have a way of removing themselves on their own overtime which results in leaving you with a thin uneven appearance. Often times when it is time for a trim your hair will give you some warning signs that is time to remove those ends. Here are some signs you need a trim you will want to watch out for:

Trim Natural Hair when you are having a tough time detangling your hair.
If you notice getting through your hair is more difficult than usual this could be a sign that your ends are in need of maintenance. Scraggly ends tangle easy and turn detangling sessions into a nightmare.

Trim natural Hair when the ends have turned white.
This is a sign that your ends are just done! Remove those ends girl, it has dried up and has run its course. This tends to happen if you have colored your hair and haven’t kept up with maintaining moisture in your hair.

Trim Natural Hair when you look at your ends and the severe damage stands out in a dramatic way.
If looking at your ends reveals a plethora of single strand knots, splits, and jags it’s time to let them go.This is a sign that the ends have begun to remove themselves by snapping off and leaving you with thin uneven hair.

Trim Natural Hair when your hair doesn’t curl or style as easy.
Healthy hair produces more defined curls as opposed to damaged strands. If you find your hair has difficulty holding a curl this could be a sign that is time to trim those ends!

Aside from split ends taking away from the appearance of your hair, they often times will lead you to experience more breakage. Making the decision to trim is the best solution as no product can repair this damage. Products that claim to fix split ends only temporarily mend them.

Don’t be afraid to get your hair trimmed as it will only make your hair healthier. Remember a trim is only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair. Once you’ve gotten your trim your hair will be full, even, and most importantly easy to work with. Get your trim from a stylist you trust for the best results or trim your hair using sharp hair scissors designed for cutting hair.

What are the tell all signs that you notice when it is time to trim your hair?


4 thoughts on “The Tell Tale Signs it’s Time for a Trim

  1. N.W.

    I know I need a trim when my ends need a lot more moisturizing and become easily tangled.
    When I first went natural (4 years ago) I went to the hairdresser 8 times the first 2 years to get as much permed hair off as possible. Then, the third year I did it by myself 3 times and I have done it 2 times in the past year, then once again i’ll get it done this friday. My hair is growing strong and I don’t have a problem with split ends anymore! Im hopeful my hair will be down to my bra strap by this time next year ;]

    I like your blog! I learned alot about natural hair in the past 4 years but you teach me new tips every week. Thank you!

  2. Jennifer Kennedy

    I know I’m definitely in need of a trim right now! It’s been forever. (I’m too embarrassed to say! Ha)

    I have a lot of breakage and visible splits. That’s how I know I’m overdue. I have to block out a chunk of time to trim my hair and may need to do that soon!


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