Petition To Comb Blue Ivy's Hair

Is Blue Ivy Petition Creator, Jasmine Toliver, a CyberBully of a 2 Year Old?

If you haven’t heard, Jasmine Toliver started an online petition on after new pictures of the Carter Family surfaced online.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to be more disappointed in which is a platform for social change or Ms. Toliver.

Petition To Comb Blue Ivy's HairMy stance on Blue Ivy’s hair has always been that she’s a baby.  And you know I have a toddler so I know how that goes.

But in the latest pic, Jay, Bey, and baby are returning from vacation. Not even Queen Bey is sporting fresh hair and make-up.  So why target the 2 year old?

This is what Jasmine Toliver had to say

My joke took off anything I guess with “sign a petition” is funny if I would’ve said “sign a petition to save Lebron James hairline” that would’ve took off to! It’s a clever joke.! Nobody came up with before. These blogs and websites are doing the most. My hair look like blue ivy right now except its moisturized and detangled. Yes I’m natural.! Have a seat to most people. I can care less about Beyoncé or jay-z but I do care for the kids hair. People make nothing out of something. I love being black! I’m proud my bloodline runs from Africa. I’m proud of my own tightly coiled kinks. I’m proud of my big lips and brown skin. People just need to breath and chill out.




17 thoughts on “Is Blue Ivy Petition Creator, Jasmine Toliver, a CyberBully of a 2 Year Old?

  1. Kamisha Cook

    I have a petition for you, why don’t we petition for all of Africa women to comb their children hair. Oh yes, I know the reason why. Its because they are struggling to feed their children. Some black women(any race) have nothing else better to do with my lives then to continually broadcast negativity on each other. To say that she is “a proud black woman who’s roots originated from Africa.” Go back to Africa and comb all of the children hair there. Because their parents would just be honored that you took the time out to do this. Not sending any kind of over-the-counter medication, food, diapers, educational materials, water, hygiene products, and let’s not forget the hair products because that is essentially what they need to survive with. The list of NEEDS is long. But the WANTING to comb their kids hair, OUTSTANDING. We have nations fighting other nations, diseases, poverty, hunger, and this is what we do with are wasted time. I am heart broken that our end won’t reflect the necessary changes we should have made.

    1. Kamisha Cook

      I deeply apologize for the incorrect wording in my comment. It was supposed to have read, “our lives” not my lives. I am using my phone, but I will double check next time. When you have so much to say, certain words are sometimes misuse.

    2. blacklogiclady

      How do you even know if Beyonce combs her kids hair or not?? Don’t two year olds HATE getting their hair “DID” You guys with your bald edges won’t stop criticizing, until BLUE IVY’S edges look like yours!
      Leave this child alone, she’s gorgeous with the messy hair. I love it, it makes her look like she’s two. Black people are so ashamed of their natural hair texture,so the problem with Blue’s hair lies within yourselves.

      IF Blue was a white or Hispanic child, no one would say anything about how her hair grows naturally out of her head. I see tons of white kids with tousled hair, I would say Blue Ivy’s hair it looks “tousled” not undone.
      The child’s hair is washed and de-tangled, it’s not your business, and NO She doesn’t need it “styled” styled into what twists, puffs? She is leaving loose because obviously the child doesn’t want her hair done.She looks fine.
      That’s why she will have long hair in the future where as most of you are either losing your hair from manipulatiing it too darn much! I left my kids hair alone, Just de tangled washed etc and I let them wear it out, and if it was messy at the end of a trip or the end of a day, I didn’t care at all. Why do you people care so much about it? It’s not like the child has glue, gum and lint in her hair? It’s clean and she’s a rich little girl, she has more money than any of you bitter heffas see in a lifetime.

    3. blacklogiclady

      Your comment was RIGHT on. These women are more concerned about what some other black woman is doing with their child’s head, when there a re people who need medicine, love, care and food in another nation. IT’s sad the state of black people in this country,where we care so much about the latest hair style of a two year old.

      1. Darcetha Manning

        You are right on blacklogiclady. This is so ridiculous, complaining about Beyonce’s child’s hair. I’ve seen adult, Black people walking down the street, with hair looking worse than Blue Ivy.

  2. ANi

    I’m sorry; I see Tolliver’s comment as a mean, unnecessary joke. I by no means support cyber bullying…but, Blu Ivy’s hair is a mess and needs to be combed. I know plenty of Black mothers who wouldn’t dare take their children out in public looking like that unless it’s an emergency. Style the child’s hair: Puffs, braids, twist, a picked-out air fro… It’s one thing to have a natural hairstyle; it’s another to go unkempt.

    1. blacklogiclady

      Even if Beyonce did all the brushing and styling of her two year old, She still wouldn’t keep it neat. CHILDREN ARE like that duh.Most kids don’t keep their hair neat. What two year old are you around? IF a two year old makes a point to keep their hair neat, I’m always suspect of who’s taking care of that child? Because I do know black two year old girls who already won’t go in the pool, because they are afraid of mommy beating them for getting their hair wet. Anyone that doesn’t let a kid be a kid, shouldn’t have kids or should have them taken away. Her hair is NOT unkempt, unkempt means, it’s not washed or de-tangled. It’s just messy and tousled. How silly some of you are.

    2. Sammie

      Exactly! No one knows if her hair was done or not. THEY (Beyonce & Jayz) don’t snap picture after picture of their child to keep the people updated on her hair, newest pair of sneakers, or baby Gucci purchase ( I applaud them) & the paparazzi are going to get a picture of them when they can. I myself have 6 & 5 year old daughters (biracial) whose hair is natural, & will stay that way. Yes, I comb it..but will it stay combed?! HECK NO!! I don’t like using rubber bands because of breakage, & some of the the chemicals in a lot of these products nowadays scare the heck out of me. Blue Ivy is 2, people need to let the baby be a baby! When my 5 year old was 2..her hair was uneven..long & curly on top, sides & back were short & curly..NOW her hair is down her back! I never had it platted, I just combed it out added some moisturizer..& added a headband & or bow. By the end of the day it would be a mess. & so what! My kid was being a kid! Not to mention my 10 month old sons hair for whom I almost got into a fight over, because his hair isn’t straight nor curly.. It’s just WILD. & people have literally told me my sons hair was ugly when it is ultimately unmaintainable.

      I honestly believe they should sue this bitter female for publicly humiliating this innocent child. I don’t care how much $$ they have in the’s a disgrace to society. & she should be accounted for her actions, just as anyone else bullying someone.

  3. Briana

    I’m sorry, but there’s nothing funny about an adult making fun of a two-year old…. I don’t care if she’s natural too. I think she needs to have a seat in one of those chairs she’s telling everyone to sit down in. lol

  4. blacklogiclady

    You ignorant black women won’t stop until Blue Ivy is wearing a blond weave? Admit it.
    I bet you people are the same ignorant black women who made fun of Gabrielle Douglass hair, when she was performing her gymnastics. You people just made a big embarrassment of yourselves at that time too. You don’t want people in your hair , stay out of everyone else s. She’s a two year old. My son is two and i can barely get him to sit still to get his hair done. Sometimes all I can do is squirt the detangler on and brush it properly. His hair is a mess in two hours after I do it. I’m growing it long and black hair doesn’t need to be manipulated like that.

    Think before you speak people.How do you know Blue Ivy isn’t autistic or has problems staying still? Some children with neurological issues have a hard time staying still. YOU try getting a comb through a moody child’s head. See how that works out for you. Not all black mothers beat their kids into submission to get their head done in tight baubles. Not all of us are like th at. Some of us like our kids to express themselves and be free. Any time I hear a black woman criticize the “imperfect” look of another black person’s hair, I am always suspect. Some of you still have t hat slave mentality, where you always worried about how you look to white people. Not everyone cares about that. Maybe she wants her daughter to be natural and not worry about her hair. Some of us don’t want our kids to have t he same hair hang ups that we do. Ever think of that??

    1. katherine

      I agree, I have a two and 4 year old and they have afro hair. When I comb it, an hour later it looks like I never touched it. I refuse to make their hair a big deal. I want them to grow up thinking about who they want to be in life. Not when their next 4 hour salon appointment is. We spend tooooo much time on hair. At least that is how most of us have grown up until now. It’s a waste of time. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan but I applaud her for not putting her own hair standard on that child because if she did it would show. The child would have a new weave and braids every other day and it would not be right. Kudos Beyonce and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. And kudos to the rest of us who have to deal with black women judging our kids hair, assuming that we aren’t combing it. Here’s one of my favorite articles by one of my fav writers. In this article she captures the psychology of how so many black women feel about their hair and where it starts. It’s called BAD HAIR.

  5. gie

    my issue is not with ignorant that started the petition.
    I have a problem with all the brainless people that signed it.
    I would like it if a stranger comes to your house and tell you how to run your house and tell you how to love your man and your kids.
    it makes no sense!
    everyone who signed this petition is a hater. they which they were as beautiful and smart as Bey and they which they were as rich as JZ.
    the more we talk about them and hate them, the richer they will get, because they is not bad publicity.
    so people stop hating and go after your dream the same way they did, that’s why everybody is talking about them and no one is talking about you!!

  6. SW

    Yes Jasmine Toliver is a cyberbully. I want to take down the petition. It is very disrespectful. Please leave Bey, JayZ, and Blue alone. I wonder if Jasmine is doing anything in her life. She must be be super bored and I have to guess uneducated. We need to do better to uplifted each other. Jasmine go read a book.

  7. Ms.London

    Her hair does look unkempt and just a mess. How is your mother constantly making sure her weave game is in check, but your child looks crazy. A damn shame. Someone with all that money could afford to have blue’s hair looking nice and neat. Wasn’t her mother a hair stylist?


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