10 Ways to Get Rid of Dry, Unmoisturized Natural Hair

These 10 Tips for moisturizing natural hair will leave you with more hydrated hair.


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1.  Shampoo your hair.  No matter your method (meaning whether you’re using a shampoo bar, cleansing cream or some other gentle sulfate-free product), keep your hair clean.  Although it seems counterintuitive — since the wash process can be drying — shampooing your hair removes product buildup that prevents products from penetrating your hair shaft.

For a limited time you can download FREE Guide to Moisturized Hair: Click Here to Download

If your efforts to add moisture to your hair seem in vain, then it may be time for a shampooing session. Your products may simply be sitting on top of your hair, rather than moisturizing it.

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2.  Pre-poo your hair.  If you hair feels excessively dry during the wash process, then consider pre-pooing your hair with an oil of your choice.  Coconut oil is a great option for pre-pooing hair since it reduces protein loss that occurs during the wash process.

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3.  Co-wash your hair.  Does your hair feel excessively dry in between shampoos? Need an extra boost of moisture? Then try co-washing your hair for that extra boost.  Many times, if your hair is very dry, the only way to regain moisture is for it to be soaked in water. The important thing is to seal in that moisture with an oil or butter like shea butter.

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10 Tips for Moisturizing Natural Hair4. Steam your hair. Don’t want to co-wash your hair mid-week? Consider steaming your hair.  The QRedew Handheld Steamer is a great way to steam your hair on the go.

Another option is to steam your hair in the shower.  Steaming your hair is a great way to lift the hair cuticle so that  products can better penetrate the hair.  Furthermore, steaming is much less wear and tear on your hair than co-washing your hair.

5. Deep condition your hair. If you’ve been skipping the deep conditioning portion of your wash, then it’s time to add this important step back to your hair regimen.

For even better results, use indirect heat so that the conditioner can better penetrate the hair.  When selecting a conditioner, pick one that specifically states “deep conditioner” or “conditioning masque” on the bottle. These conditioners are specifically designed for deep conditioning. Here’s a list of our 5 Favorite Deep Conditioners.

6.  Use the LOC (Liquid-Oil-Cream) method to moisturize your hair.  In this method, the water moisturizes your hair, the oil helps your hair hold onto the water molecules, and the cream locks in the moisture. For more information about the LOC Method, read LOC Method for Natural Hair.

7.  Use a water-based moisturizer. Water is the key to moisture.  So, no, grease will not moisturize your hair.  Instead, find a daily moisturizer where the first ingredient is water or make your own with these 5 DIY Moisturizing Sprays.

If you like products like shea butters and oils, remember to spritz your hair with water then seal in that moisture using the LOC method described above.

8. Don’t be afraid of water. I know I just mentioned it, but it’s worth repeating. With a relaxer, water is not your friend.

But with natural hair, water is your best friend. Yes, humidity, will frizz out your hair.  Rain will ruin your blow out.

In time, you will learn the tricks for styling your hair under these conditions. But while you figure it out, don’t forget that water is still your friend.

9. Drink water! Healthy hair begins with a healthy diet. And since our bodies is over 80% water and is needed to for almost every bodily function, you shouldn’t forget to drink it. Drinking water and eating a healthy diet are much more effective at growing healthy hair than any vitamin.

10.  Pay attention to your hair’s moisture. If your hair feels dry and brittle, make sure that you’re properly moisturize your hair. If you hair feels limp and lifeless, then you hair may actually over-moisturized. [It’s possible.] Constantly assess your hair needs and act accordingly. Don’t wait until major breakage occurs before you act.

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For a limited time you can download FREE Guide to Moisturized Hair: Click Here to Download

So there you have it! 10 tips for moisturized hair. Tell us in the Comment Section below

How Do You Moisturize Your Hair?


14 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Rid of Dry, Unmoisturized Natural Hair

  1. Jodi

    I love this post but I’m unable to share it via email because when I click email it goes to pinterest instead.

    1. jae

      this is a great post but I have to say that with my very tightly coily thick coarse hair I can only vouch for the LOC method as truly and consistently leading to moisturized hair for me more a day or two at a time. Any type of a wash, shampoo or not, pre poo or not and co wash or not takes me days of LOC-ing twice daily to recover from stiff dried out hair. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe I am still recovering from 30 yrs of relaxer abuse.

      1. Tamara Post author

        There’s could be a couple reason for that… It could be you need a gentler shampoo (shampoo bar, creamy cleanser or cleansing cream instead), or maybe you live in an area with hard water, or maybe you need to deep condition more regularly, or drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies.

  2. FJA

    It took me about 8 months on my journey to get my moisture levels right (to know what my hair needed)… in that time i’ve been crunchy (that was a scary time)…. mushy (yes your hair does feel squishy mushy… who knew!!!) And now its just right… I use a homemade moisturiser… which has taken months in the making (hours of watching you-tube & reading blogs)… but my “elixir of moisture” sits in my fridge, and calls me at the end of each day just to give my hair a little squeeze before bedtime…

  3. Lisa

    I recently moved to Denver, where there I no humidity at all and my 4c low porosity hair is struggling. Any suggestions?

    1. NBradley

      I love in Denver as well… I have to shampoo, condition and deep condition. Once a week and I use the LOC method.

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