Natural Hair Problems Unclogging That Drain

Natural Hair Problems: Unclogging That Drain

Natural Hair Rules

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This is my least favorite thing to do.

Okay… Scratch that…

I hate to unclog the drain in my bathroom shower but with this thick, long natural hair *insert sigh*,  it’s my duty.  I mean, I feel obligated.

With all the oils and butters that I use, a slow draining shower is a hazard. All those things settle and remain in the tub.

What if someone slipped and fail? That’s exactly what Shelli did, who I follow on Instagram. OMG!!! That’s one of my biggest fears.

Whenever the tub is draining slowly or water starts to fill the tub during showers, I know what time it is.

Got to unclog that tub…

Yea, I’ve tried Draino, Vinegar/Baking Soda, and even those hair catchers (which usually don’t fit) but this hair… Its stubborn and always has been. The only way is to go in after it.

I know I’m not the only one.  So I wanted to share these two videos on how to remover the stopper.

Once you remove the stopper, you can easily clear the nest of soap, conditioner and hair build-up with needle-nose pliers or tweezers for an easy flowing drain.  It will be like new, again!

Photo Credit: Flickr

In the comment section below tell me…

Have You Had This Problem? What Do You Use? How Often Do You Clean Your Drain?


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