3 Buns For Any Length Without Added Hair

hair-buns-for-short-natural-hairHair buns are an elegant style loved by many, but lets be real no one can stand a stingy bun. Nobody wants a little pea sticking upside they head. We love our buns to look full and have that perfect form.

There are ways that you can pull this style off on shorter to medium length hair and with some options there isn’t even a need for added hair.

Here are three ways for achieving that juicy plump bun we all love so much:

The Sock Bun

The sock bun is a popular technique for pulling off that perfect form and fullness. You can purchase one at your local Target or  if you love online shopping you can even purchase some on Amazon that come in a variety of sizes. Before using your sock bun you will want to make sure your hair is moisturized and smoothed out. You can use a product like Eco Styler Gel to give your hair a nice hold and you can pair this with a good leave in or moisturizer. Gather your hair into a taut ponytail and once your hair is nicely laid you can add your sock bun. You can now smooth the hair over the bun and secure with a ponytail holder. If you find that you have some stray hairs neatly pin them in place with some bobbies. The video tutorial below gives an excellent overview of the process:

High Bun Using an Elastic Headband

This is perfect for hair that is approaching medium length or is already at mid length. I use to use this trick all the time. The method is simple. You will want to stretch your hair out some and smooth it out. Once you have gotten your hair nice and smooth gather your hair using a large cotton stretchy hand band. The trick to this is you are going to wrap this around your head twice and then gently slide the band up. This is gives your hair the illusion of a full ponytail puff which you can also rock as a style. To get a bun style you will form the shape of a bun by pinning in place with pins going around your whole ponytail until you have finished. At the 3:13 mark of the video below you can see how to achieve this style:

Layer Your Scrunchies

Rather than using a sock bun you can use your scrunchies to add the fullness you desire. However, for the first ponytail you make you will want to use a thin elastic, which give you more hair to work with. Then you will layer a thick srunchie/headband around the ponytail which ends up having the same effect as the sock bun ( it’s pretty much a homemade one!). You then smooth your hair over the scrunchie with a thin elastic and pin any stray hairs in place. Skip to the 1:52 mark to see this styling option.

And there you have it, three ways to get a full bun with no added hair required! Have you tried any of these options before? I know I am dying to try the sock bun option, as I have one and have not used it yet.




6 thoughts on “3 Buns For Any Length Without Added Hair

    1. Patricia

      I guess that we entered the part together because so did I 🙂 someone tried explaining this to me, in words, and I just couldn’t fathom.

  1. eyeconic1

    Thanks fro this tutorial. The simplest styles be the hardest. This young girl in the videos is super cute and thanks for the tutorial. Now I can do my own buns:-)

  2. nappy headed black girl

    Love the high bun look, always have. Here is a little wide for me, though. It almost doesn’t look like a bun. Love how thick and big it is, however.

    I’ve been into braided buns lately. I like how they give you texture and make your hair appear bigger and thicker. Also gives it a bit of flair.


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