Faux Wash n’ Go on 4C Hair Tutorial

Following up from my last post 10 Things Women With 4C Hair Should Know, as promised I am going to give you the details about what I have come to call a Faux Wash n’ Go. When you hear the term wash n’ go, you think of getting in the shower, cleansing your hair, putting some type of gel product in your hair and going.

For SOME of us 4C ladies a wash n’ go is not doable. 4c ladies avoid the wash n’ go at all costs for more reasons than just  the aesthetics of the end result; we get  breakage and matting  when our hair type shrinks up to 75% not a cute and easy natural hairstyle. I don’t know how you feel about that, but for me it’s definitely not cool.

What I have discovered is, that for me, I have better looking results working on damp or air dried hair and not soaking wet strands.  Not only do I end up with shrunken hair when I start with soaked hair, my hair ends up being more dry, more tangly, and more matted. My damp to air dried hair absorbs products better, stretches more easily and styles nicely.

 So here goes my process for my Faux Wash n’ Go:

  • My hair is worn in a two strand twisted hair style that has stretched my hair and given me some curl definition.
  • I get in the shower, let enough water run through my hair to the point where it is damp but not totally saturated (no shampoo or conditioner is used at all just water).
  • I use an ample amount of Shea Moisture Curling Souffle or alternatively Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly works just as well.

I let my hair air dry and this is what my hair ends up looking like:

Faux-Wash-N-Go-4C-hair tutorial


Again women who are able to do an actual wash n go’s simply, wash their hair,  put product on it, let it dry and go. I am clearly not doing that here.

The set of twists that were in my hair are giving me the curl definition that you see and I am only rinsing my hair (which is why my shrinkage isn’t so drastic). My hair also isn’t getting very dry because my natural oils are not getting stripped since I am not stripping them with shampoo but only giving it a light rinse.  The jelly products that I like to use help to keep stretch in my hair, moisturize it, and further enhance the curl. So I basically  prep my hair before my faux “wash n’ go” and rinse my hair not wash it.

My faux wash n’ go ends up giving me the look of a wash n’ go and I am sure my hair loves it since it is quite moisturizing. The picture of me  with the ponytail and the big earrings is from when I used this technique a couple of months ago. A faux wash n’ go is also a great trick  when you are having a bad dry hair day. If you should find yourself with an old dried up twist out, do a quick rinse , add some jelly and you are set !  So if you have always loved the idea of a wash n’go but didn’t have the tresses to do it try my faux wash n’ go; you’ll love it!




5 thoughts on “Faux Wash n’ Go on 4C Hair Tutorial

  1. Pinke

    type 4 naturals! 4c naturals! You can get root to tip definition on ur 4c hair with the Max Hydration Method. This is not a joke. For more info about this revolutionary regimen, go here:


    By the way, there are several before and after testimony pictures throughout post from the link above. also details of Max Hydration method 5 step regimen, and more factual information, explanations to why it works, testimony, and before and after PHOTOS.

    A lot of the time when wash and goes are done on type 4 hair that isn’t maximally hydrated, the hair does not clump, and looks almost like there is no product in it, or a shrunken clump-free fro. This lack of clumping, is soley caused by lack of moisture retention in the cortex.

    With lack of moisture retention in the cortex, the hair is very lightweight. The more lightweight your coils are, the more prone they are to over-shinking. So you’ll have a 4c coil that not only springs into a tight coil(which it is supposed to do), but also repeatedly, and randomly loops back over upon itself(which it should not be doing).

    This causes the individual coils to be unable to have a uniform pattern down the strand, and also makes it so you get prone single strand, two strand knots, matting, locing, tangling, and breakage when you try to wear your hair loose. Single strand knots also make the individual coil strands want to bend in weird angles further disrupting the uniform pattern of the hair strand.

    Over all with all these different strands bending and twisting and randomly re-looping upon itself, it makes it impossible for the coils for form a uniform pattern that will readily clump together. This effects the way your styles come out, twist outs, wash and gos, etc. It helps to think of each strand like a puzzle piece.

    The Maximum hydration method, actively retains water in the cortex so hair reaches it’s maximum potential. Once you retain length in the cortex, your hair isn’t as lightweight, so many of the negative impacts of lightweight hair that effects type 4 hair, doesn’t actually happen.

    Once you reach max hydration:

    Root to tip definition ON PRODUCT FREE HAIR
    Root to tip definition in wash and gos
    Moveable shakable hair, even when dry
    Length retention, easily
    Styles last longer and look better
    Soft, pliable hair
    Detangling is easier
    single strand knots & split ends rarely occur

    MHM wash and gos are actually the ultimate protective style. The gel works to hold the clumped curl perpetually in that state and prevents it from tangling on other curl units. This makes it more effective in retaining length.

    I remember doing small twists and various protective styles, where they would actually encourage knots, dryness, and split ends, and i end up trimming and pulling all my retained length away. It was very frustrating because it took a lot of discipline to hide my hair most of the time, only to not get the results i expected. Also it was time consuming. Where as now my hair seems to be growing at a faster rate than it was before, and I don’t get those single strand knots and matting anymore, and it doesn’t take me forever to detangle my hair.

    Watch this video, especially toward the end(@6:40), where aketafitgirl gives a really good visual about how wash and gos are the ultimate protective style.

    This is what Completely Product Free type 4 hair that has total maximum hydration looks doing techniques from MHM regimen.

    Brief overview of the regimen:

    Step1 Clarify (acv or B.S. mixture)
    Step2 DC/GHE/Steam


    Step3 Clarify with clay rinse
    Step4 Leave in conditioner
    Step 5 botanical, nondrying gel
    Optional Step 6 stretching techniques that do no smoosh

    For more information and before and after pictures on type 4c hair go to the link:


    My testimony b4 and after photos(they get better and better):



    My friend’s result on short 4c hair:



  2. Kamisha Cook

    Do you have any advice about itchy scalp? Because during the summer my hair tends to sweat a lot and my scalp gets very itchy. I keep my 4 C hair routine very simple that with the LOC method and two strand twists.


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