Natural-N-Sassy Las Vegas Meet-up


Natural-N-Sassy Las Vegas Meet-upEarlier this month, I was the special guest of Las Vegas natural hair meet-up group, Natural-N-Sassy.  This is a picture of me and Marita (on my left), the meet-up’s founder and organizer.  This was my first natural hair meet-up in LV.

You know I just moved to Las Vegas. You came read more about it here.

I was so nervous, and excited too. But my thoughts and feelings were reminiscent of the first day of school. I seriously thought to myself, “what if they don’t like” which I know is silly. I was invited to participate as co-moderator with Netta of Netta in the Valley. So of course, they like me…

I think my nerves did shine through at the beginning of the event. Thankfully, everyone was so supportive and I felt right at home after a while. This is one of the reasons, I love the natural hair community. You meet so many wonderful women from all walks of life.

Being apart of the blogger community in addition to natural hair community has made my transition to Las Vegas easier.  I already have established relationships.  But it still feels like making friends as an adult is a little bit like dating…

I mean…

First, someone ask someone out. “Hey girl, you wanna meet for lunch or for drinks?”

Then, there’s the date. You talk about your interest and see if you have anything in common.

After, the date you wait for that person to call or you sit and wonder if you should call.

Finally, if everything goes well she becomes your ‘girlfriend’. Right?! Lol

Anywho, I’m hosting my Unofficial Welcome Party this Saturday (May 17th) at William Pearson Community Center. I’m not nearly as nervous. Yay, me!!! 😉

All the event deets are here. If you or someone you know lives in the Las Vegas area, c’mon!!!


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