Wedding or Prom JUMBO Flat Twist Updo

Wedding/Prom JUMBO Flat Twist Updos Perfect For Any Season

Wedding or Prom JUMBO Flat Twist Updo

It’s prom and wedding season naturals!  Well, close to it anyway so it’s more like prom and wedding planning season and there’s not time to waste.   Both occasions are special, romantic and you want to remember it always so stepping it up a notch in the hair area is not only a good idea but expected!

Don’t be worried if you are low on hair skills because there are wonderful women on YouTube showing what their magic fingers can create for you to rock on your special day or night.  All it takes is a willingness to learn and a few minutes perusing through the videos finding styles that catch your eye.  I found this one and had to share because it is perfect!

KinkyCurleeBeauties has created a Jumbo Flat Twist Updo that screams class, sophistication and beauty.  It’s regal and the most important part is…

You can put flowers in it or even a tiara!!!

Yes, weddings and prom need flowers and glam so this is the perfect style to rock one or the other or even BOTH!  Yea, I know there are some natural that are over the top fab!

JUMBO Flat Twist Updo

Leslie, known as KinkyCurleeBeautyies, starts off with stretched hair and explains thoroughly her technique using the banding method.  I have to say she knows her stuff.  She’s excellent at explaining exactly how to do it and you get a clear front and center seat to see.  She even discuses what to do if it gets flat!  I love her feelings on bushy edges and how that’s just a part of being natural.

Now, the video is long and we don’t see her do the back but more than likely you will be getting your hair done so show your stylist (or friend who does hurr) so they can replicate it.  It’s too gorgeous not to try and don’t fret if you have short hair because you can EASILY add hair to create this style.  Like I said, the video is long but it’s worth the watch.  Here are two other great styles she has that I thought about sharing.

Four (4) Flat Twist Pinup

Flat Twist Pompadour Pinup



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