5 Tips On Getting Your Hair and Body Ready For Spring

5 Tips For Getting Your Natural Hair and Body Ready For Spring

5 Tips On Getting Your Hair and Body Ready For Spring


As I sit her and listen to birds chirping I’m reminded that pretty soon the flowers will be blooming and the cold temps will start to fade away.  It’s spring, Naturals, and it’s time to get our hair AND body in spring weather fashion because pretty soon we will be baring our bodies and looking for ways to spruce up our hair for weddings, proms, vacations and even Spring break.

Get a trim – Getting a trim a the beginning of each season is a great way to keep track of trims.  They aren’t necessary every six weeks like when you were relaxed.  How often depends on who you ask, but I’m pretty happy with twice a year and what better way to leave winter behind then by trimming those raggedy ends?

Trims are necessary and holding onto split ends won’t with help hair growth or retention (its actually makes it worse) so make that appointment with the RIGHT stylist or take a stab at doing it yourself (See 4 Ways To Trim Your Natural Hair).

Finding the right stylist for your natural hair trims

Get Out That Razor, Its Time – If you’re like me then you haven’t been baring your legs and arms that much and haven’t been bothered with your shaving routine.  It’s time boo.  Bust out the razor, or take a trip to the spa for a waxing.  Yup, it’s so overdue!

Get a Protein Treatments – When was the last time you did one?  Well, after this harsh winter if you’ve been slacking then you really need to step it up with a monthly protein treatment and I mean ASAP!  I love Aubrey Organics GPB’s protein conditioner and doing one once a month should help get that hair back on track.

Schedule a Mani and Pedi – Our hands and feet have been weathering a storm so get them all petty and perfect for sandals, flip flops and out of the gloves.  Pamper yourself and remember it’s important to keep the skin, nails and cuticles looking and staying healthy.

Switch Up You Hair Routines and Products – It’s time to see if the weather changes require changes in your hair products or routine.  You may need to step back from that extra rich deep conditioner or your hair may need a more moisturizing leave-in.  It’s not odd if you have to change up products and routines during different seasons so be aware and take note so you are giving your hair what it needs.

No time to slack so get up and get out and get your hair and body ready for some sunny, warmer weather!


3 thoughts on “5 Tips For Getting Your Natural Hair and Body Ready For Spring

  1. Necey

    Great tips!! I’d like to add that if you’ve been working out at the gym or at home, take it outside! Even if it’s just your warm-ups or cool-downs, get out there and enjoy the fresh clean air!


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