Damage: You Don't Need New Hair Products, You Need A New Hair Regimen

You Don’t Need New Hair Products, You Need A New Hair Regimen

Damage: You Don't Need New Hair Products, You Need A New Hair Regimen

Courtesy of Refinery 29 | Dominique Fierro

As a natural hair blogger, I have tried a lot of products. I have become a master of separating the fact from fiction when it comes to product claims. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m sure you know most products don’t deliver on their promises. But I’ll explain…

It’s not that they can’t or don’t live up to their promises or product claims, but in most cases, we are our own worst hair enemies. A lot of hair products offer short-term, quick, and simple hair solutions. But for long-term results and in order to achieve longer and healthier hair, there’s not a product on the market for that. Hair products can’t fix your bad habits.

Let’s take split ends for example. Split ends are the hair’s natural tendency to split or break. Often you see them on the ends of the hair, but split ends or trichoptilosis can happen anywhere on the hair shaft. There are some great products in stores that prevent and treat split ends, but unfortunately the only way to get rid of them is to schedule a trim. A healthy hair regimen should include at least a quarterly trim or more frequently for severely damaged hair.

Split ends and other forms of breakage are usually the result of mismanaged hair, rough housing with your hair, or mechanical breakage.  This is why fragile, black hair responses better to low manipulation hair regimens.  You can buy hair products to help prevent breakage, but learning how to handle your hair with care is the only long-term solution. It’s not the products that make your hair longer and stronger; it’s how you use them and take care of your hair.

The next time you’re in the store for hair products to solve one of your hair woes, first think about the care of your hair. Are you doing something or not doing something that has changed your hair’s appearance and feel? Proper hair care should be your first line of defense instead of hair products. Believe me: this will save lots of money and space in your already crowded bathroom.

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6 thoughts on “You Don’t Need New Hair Products, You Need A New Hair Regimen

  1. jessi

    If its natural, why are you even putting all of those chemicals from shampoo. conditioner and whatever else? Google sulfates and some other of the ingredients in that crap. U can wash, rinse and condition your hair with natural oil or even baking soda and apple cider vinegar. N o worries. Save your money for shoes!!!

    1. Tamara Post author

      This is very true. But there are also some benefits to using traditional hair products especially styling products. I agree that you should stay away from chemicals such as sulfate but baking soda is also a chemical that is very alkaline (has a high pH that isn’t good for your hair). Natural is best but you have to make sure you are using the right natural products.

  2. Kate

    Jessi, you can use organic or homemade shampoo and conditioner. the organic ones are a bit more expensive than the normal ones but in my opinion they are worth it.

    :* Kate

  3. angela christopher (@breedykam)

    My overall health has taken its toll on my hair’s health and appearance, due to medication and three surgeries in a fifteen month period. So, it doesn’t matter what products I use on the outside. I’m possibly going to have two more surgeries soon, but I’m still fighting to be as healthy as possible throughout. It’s hard, but I refuse to give up on overall health.


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