Be Gentle With Your Hair it Works!

3 Things You Can Do When Your Hair is STILL Breaking

Aside from dryness, manipulation of the hair is a major cause of breakage in curly textures. Our hair simply just doesn’t like it, making a gentle approach the best way to keep your hair healthy.

Some of you who may be reading this may be thinking to yourselves right now, “I don’t understand I do everything for my hair and yet I still have breakage”. If this is you I wan’t you to strongly consider the way in which your hair is handled.

Be Gentle With Your Hair it Works!

Kinky hair textures (4b and 4c hair types) in particular do not respond well to frequent manipulation. The delicate structure of coils makes it particularly susceptible to mechanical breakage. So in addition to protective hairstyles you really want to make sure that you are reducing the strain put on your hair at all costs. Here are some tips for how you can keep the stress that you put on your strands down to a minimum:

Avoid that comb for as long as you can!

I know this may strange, this may in particular may sound weird to the newly natural, but especially if you realize that your hair is fragile this is one of the best options. Hair types that cannot withstand a lot of strain break even from the most gentle detangling session, which is why you may be seeing those tiny wisps of broken off strands laid out across your bathroom sink. You may want to try only combing once a week. Even now as I am wearing pressed natural hair I haven’t bothered to pick up a comb. I opt for finger combing instead because it still does a great job and I am seeing little to no breakage.

When you blow dry your hair avoid using the dryers with the comb attachment

Some people can use the comb attachment with no problem, but for others breakage may comb fairly easy. A more gentle approach would be the tension method and making sure you are using a high quality blow dryer. When you are using a good blow dryer the comb attachment simply is not necessary. Simply pull your hair for tension and blow dry from your root down to the ends section by section.

Stop messing around in your hair!
Believe me I know how tempting it can be. I love my hair too. However, your hair doesn’t like it so much when you are always in it. So, don’t over style your hair by trying something new everyday. Wear a style for a week or two, the longer you extend the time the better, and then change it up. Oh, and stop twirling your hair around your fingers. I know it’s addicting but try to stop. Your hair will appreciate the break.

When you improve the way you handle your hair you are sure to see a big difference in its health. Black hair flourishes inn low manipulation environments. Avoid using tools that cause unnecessary stress and protect your hair from well…you!

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