Short Sexy Styles For Natural Hair

4 Short Sexy Styles For Natural Hair

Short Sexy Styles For Natural Hair

Short hair IS sexy.  It sure is and if you don’t believe me then look at these four women above sporting confidence and beauty along with beautiful hair.  Looking good is not superficial and if you feel good on the inside then you gonna feel it and look it on the outside.  So all you BCers out there struggling with what to do can look no further!  I’ve got 4 styles here to make you smile from ear to ear so sit back and soak it all in!

Defined Curls TWA Pixie Hairstyle on Natural Hair

Are you looking for something simple, lasts about a week and different? Well, this TWA Pixie style from Toni of My Natural Sistas is the style for you!   All you need is a Denman brush, gel, leave-in conditioner and a water bottle.  It’s so darned simple I’m surprised I don’t see this style more often.  The glossy finish is picture-perfect but just make sure you use the right products so you don’t end up with a dull look.  What I love about it is any texture will yield curls as the brush and the technique creates them so feel free to give this one a try.  Great style for everyday or a night out on the town.


 How to Style your TWA!!! ★

This style is for the natural who LOVES undefined curls.  Here is another simple styles that is funky and sassy and full of character.  TellmeBeauty starts off with completely dried twists and transforms them into random coils that she plays with to give it volume.  She feels the key to styling your natural hair is to play with it and she’s absolutely right.  All you need are a few products for this style and your magic fingers.


How to Style Short Hair (TWA & Pixies)

Wanna feel like a princess?  Sure!  Shameless Maya is showing you that short hair is fun, sexy and royal as she shares some outside the box ways to play up your style.  She reminds us that we’ve got everything we need to give that hair the dramatic looks it deserves from tiaras to bare shoulders.  That’s right, you heard me…tiaras!!!  Werk it and own your style because short hair is full of personality.


Curly TWA Afro

Sadora J brings romance to her short hair with rods and a few products.  This style is perfect for a night out and should last about a week as it gets looser and bigger by the day.  If you love curls then this is the style for your TWA.   Your hair will look great alone or paired with a headband or tiara (still loving Shameless Maya’s tip) so don’t feel limited or shy about it…do it up!  This style is perfect for all textures and looks even better on a tapered cut.


The basic lesson here is that short hair or your TWA is only limited by your own imagination.  Wearing your hair and your confidence allows you to be as sexy and as funky as you wanna be.   With all the styles we’ve seen above you can’t possibly run out of fun things to do with your TWA.   So pull out your accessories, your hair products and yes indeed that darned TIARA and werk the sexy that’s in you!


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