No Promotion Unless You Tame Your Natural Hair

No Promotion Unless You Tame Your Natural Hair

Tierra shared this video on the Natural Hair Rules!!! Facebook Page.  Take a look and comment below with your response.

Tierra’s response:

I was a victim of discrimination/racial profiling at work on Feb. 17, 2014 because of my natural hair. I am disgusted with this. Yes, I am calling HR because this does not make any sense but we will see what happens. I went natural because i wanted to be liberated. Free of stereotypes, free of hypocritical relationships..just be free to BE ME! This should never happen to anyone and we should empower each other so much that I am the last case. Seriously.

At What Point Is The Line Crossed Between Lack of Professionalism & Discrimination?



3 thoughts on “No Promotion Unless You Tame Your Natural Hair

  1. Kes

    Your hair was smokin’! As an HR manager for mega-years hear me when I say your managers are out of order! File a complaint and follow through!

  2. Deedeemaha

    I really hate you had to go through this. With that said, you mentioned you are a actor. I say play the role. Get the part, and then do as you please with the money you earned for playing your part. Turn the table on her to show her she is not so smart. You will not see in your job promotion ” manager only if hair is tamed”. Professionally is ralative


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