4 Haute Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

4 Haute Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

4 Haute Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Only a few days until Friday the 14th…Valentine’s Day!  I love years when it falls on the weekend and Friday night is going to be buzzing with overbooked restaurants and overflowing wine glasses.  It’s time for love and that means we gotta look our best, right?  RIGHT! Have you gotten that hairstyle down yet?  No? Well, we’ve got you covered.  I’m sharing 4 gorgeous styles that will have you feeling and looking great.

Bantu Knot Out Updo Hair Tutorial

Toni  from My Natural Sistas is sharing one of her many looks just perfect for a night out and to feel special.  She creates this style on dry hair (an old twistout) and makes many staggered parts.  She’s so charming even when she makes up her own words (smedium – small/medium).  This style can be created on any length and any texture. This pinned up style allows for you to have all your jewelry showcased.  It’s a great style for off the shoulder dresses or tops.  Curly, romantic and cute!

Romantic Half Updo – ❤ Valentine’s Day Hairstyle ❤

Alicia James says it best.  “It’s the month of love” and she’s been a big asset for love-inspired hairstyles.   She starts this style off with heat-stretched hair and even discusses how she does it in her video’s about section.  She has a chunky flat twist out in front on either side and for the back she uses the Remington Curling Wand for her romantic curls.  She used only 280 degree on her hair because defined curls was not the object since she will be fluffing her hair and the look is supposed to be wispy and light.

Diana Ross Inspired Hair – “Big Hair”

I wasn’t joking when I said Alicia James was an asset for love-inspired hairstyles.  She’s back again with a lovely Diana Ross inspired look that she creates from big Bantu Knots.  She starts off with heat-stretched hair.  This easy style is two steps really.  Big bantu knots at night and in the morning take down and fluff.  Well, lot’s of fluffing to get the volume.   You finish with big-ass fluffed out slightly curled hair that has movement and  personality.

The Curly Fro: Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

My fellow Coloradian, MahoganyCurls™, shares her version of the curly fro using perm rods.  This is a perfect style for long-term transitioner at any length.   She starts on dry hair (an old twistout) and uses Eco Styler gel to set the hair on the rods.  She allows her hair to air dry  makes sure to show how she unravels (in the opposite direction of the curl) her hair from the perm rod.  This is to keep the hair from frizzing and losing it’s curl.  After the rods are removed she separates the curls and allows the curly fro to grow and become a head full of sexy curls for a great Valentine’s Day do!

4 Haute styles that are sure make your V-day as special as you want it to be.  So, which one are you going to try?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day naturals!


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