3 Romantic Natural Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

3 Romantic Natural Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

3 Romantic Natural Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

My Natural Sistas

It’s already February and we are seeing red hearts and cupids everywhere we turn.  You know what that means.  It’s time to fall in love…with our hair!  That really won’t be hard with the gorgeous styles I’ve got lined up to share with you.  No matter your texture, no matter your length; you can achieve romantic hair to go out on the town or just stay close to home for an intimate dinner for two.

Feeling pressured for the RIGHT look?  Well, look no further as we steer you in the right direction…the looovvvveeee direction.  Anybody remember the Love Connection?  Anyway, expect to be impressed by these haute and romantic natural hairstyles designed to make your significant other or a  sexy stranger melt!

Curly Twist Out Tutorial: Heart-Shaped Hair for Valentine’s Day

India, from My Natural Sistas, is looking dreamy with her heart-shaped hair.  How perfect for V-day with these romantic curls.  In this look we get curly definition towards the end of the hair while the true texture is kept at the roots to give it’s heart shape.  Flexi-rods are needed along with either a hair dryer or air drying.  India shares the process from start to finish along with the hair product she likes for the style.   You’ll see that this style works for any length of hair the other sisters of My Natural Sistas their own flair to this style.  Carmen  added a gorgeous flower to her look!  This is a true winner for your day of love.

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