10 Best Cheapie Conditioners For Natural Hair

10 Best ‘Less Than $5’ Conditioners for Natural Hair

Cheapie Conditioners are perfect for detangling, rehydrating, and co-washing the driest of hair. I’ve put together a list of Ten $5 or Less Conditioners that work wonders for any hair type.

10 Cheapie '$5 or Less' Conditioners For Natural Hair


19 thoughts on “10 Best Cheapie Conditioners For Natural Hair

  1. Longpig

    I’ve tried most and I was super frustrated that lists like this always showed these products that just didn’t work for me. No slip, no nothing!! That was until 2 weeks ago I got my hands on that Sauve Professionals Almond & Shea Butter conditioner. Oh Lord Jesus! This.is.IT!!
    I have super expensive, all organic, locally made protein conditioner – but for my cheapo conditioner this will be it! Amazing smell, slip and detangling!

  2. smc7712

    A good majority of these products have either silicone or parabens. I’ll stick with Tresseme Naturals or Garnier Pure Clean


    The Suave Almond & Shea was the first conditioner I tried when I decided to return to natural and while transitioning for four months. I luv it and still use it. AND here in Virginia Beach, VA it costs under $3.00! Cha-Ching!!!
    Last week I purchased the Tressame Naturals & Tressame split ends conditioners. Can’t wait to try it this weekend on my co-wash.
    After I use those up I’m going to try the Aussie Moist and the Trader Joe’s conditioners.
    (Trying to curb my product “junkiness”)

  4. Tonya

    The suave conditioners on this list work so well in mine and my daughter’s hair. The tresemme’ is good also. And I cannot live without the Cantu leave in!!

  5. Emerald

    Hi Tamara. Do you think one of these days you can do an article explaining some of these un-pronounceable ingredients in the conditioners??

  6. Rochelle Serrell

    Garnier Fructis has a fortifying conditioner that is called Pure Clean. It has awesome slip and is great for moisturinzing after a henna treatment. Under $5 bucks too makes it even better for the 25.4 Fl. Oz. no silicone no parabans no dye.

  7. Charlotte

    I haVe used everyone of those conditioners at one time or another. I still used the trader joes . Aussie moist, herbal essences and vo5 today

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  9. Nacyra Duncan

    Tamara, I use the Suave Naturals Morning Bliss 2-in-1 Shampoo | Conditioner, and girl!!!!! it has blown my mind. It is sooooooooo good that I NEVER have to detangle before washing my hair. It makes my so light and fluffy. It is actually my respite, so whenever I feel stressed, I instantly want to wash my hair because it is such a goooooood experience. That’s to tell you how good it is.

    All I do after I wash is apply Shea Moisture Extra-Moisture Detangler and I’m done. There is NO breakage or shedding to talk about, not even more than 1 oz of hair, and this is with NO detangling prior to washing, and my hair is 4c, so you know the texture after a week of styling – lol.


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