CurlBOX Turns Two!!!

CurlBOX Turns Two

Photo Credit: CurlBOX
Myleik Teele. Her name is synonymous with CurlBOX, an exclusive natural hair subscription box. And she is the CEO a.k.a. the Chief Experience Officer. An experience it truly is. Each month, subscribers receive full and sample size products at their doorsteps. It is the experience of beautiful packaging and the professionalism of the accompanying mini-mag that makes this box so distinctive. From the logo, to the photoshoots, to the 100,000+ Instagram followers, to the launch of CurlBOX TV… CurlBOX makes you take notice.  And this February CurlBOX turns two.

The CurlBOX Story

The CurlBOX story began when Myleik moved to Atlanta after  years of working in the public relations industry.  Her friend, Ken Burkeen of Huetiful Steamer, asked her to promote his new product. While promoting his brand, she attended hair shows and meetups, and had the pleasure of meeting many bloggers. She thought to herself, “Having grown up in Los Angelos, what if you could just bottle, bag, or box this up and send it to women all over the US.”  Armed with years of experience in public relations in the entertainment industry, she started CurlBOX.

Myleik says, “CurlBOX allows me to get all my creativity out and really focus on the experience.” Myleik has a long of resume of experiences that come to light each time a subscriber opens a CurlBOX.  Her background is not only public relations, but also fashion, makeup, entertainment… and it oozes out of every box.  Myleik says, ” I felt like that as a woman of color, there was nothing out there that hit every mark. It IS about hair, but it’s [also] about fashion. It’s about style. It’s about makeup. It’s about confidence. It’s showing variety in bodies and beauty. And that underlying element of encouragement and support.”


Myleik explains, “I’m most interested in helping women be confident about their hair, but also working on what’s inside of their head as opposed to what is on top of it.  When I get a chance, I want to do something very personal that encourages women to follow their dreams and listen to their heart.” It is for this reason, that you can find words of encouragement, life lessons, and great books via the hashtags #mytaughtyou and #myleikbookshare on Instagram. It often sparks a great conversation with followers.

In her final piece of advice, Myleik says, “People are always waiting for me to say that thing. But what I’m really trying to say — as I’m saying all this stuff — is that the main person you should always listen to is YOU.”  You can check out her musings on the CurlBOX TV channel where she talks about a wide range of topics: inspiration, art +design, dream-building, encouragement, high style, and luxe living. This year, she will also do a few in-person experiences with her personal mentors and friends aimed at helping women achieve their dreams. (To express an interest, fill out the survey here.)


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