3 Things To Help You Keep It cute and Protected this Winter

3 Ways To Help You Keep It Cute and Protected this Winter

3 Things To Help You Keep It Cute and Protected this Winter
The holidays might be over but winter sure isn’t.  With this polar vortex we are seeing record lows! Its downright frigid!  Now we’re hearing the remainder of January is expected to be colder than normal so what’s a Natural to do besides stay inside and sit by the roaring fire? She’s got to go to work, go to school, go to…everywhere!  The world doesn’t stop for the weather most of the time and if we’ve got to be out in these frigid temperatures you might as well be cute BUT protected!

3 Ways To Help You Keep It Cute and Protected this Winter with a Satin bonnet under knit hat natural hair

Naturals need protection for their hair in these colder than normal temperatures.  We think of keeping our bodies warm from our heads, down to our toes but neglecting your hair will cost you.  It’s a good idea to protect your hair often from pollutants, over-manipulation and the sun but cold weather needs to be added to the list. The dryness, the winter clothing, the snow, it all can devastate our hair and our bodies if we don’t protect them.

Satin bonnets.  Now, I KNOW that many naturals cringe when they see other naturals out in public sporting those satin bonnets but sorry, that’s not going to stop.  That does not mean you have to jump on their bandwagon even though they have a great way to protect their hair.  We on the other hand want to protect our hair AND be cute!  Satin bonnets can be worn UNDER our wool and knit hats.  I am a wash and go Natural year round, so I am out the door with a wet head most days.  Wearing a satin bonnet under my hat is ideal for me.

Buy Satin Bonnets

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 See how much nicer that looks?  My hair is covered and cute.  I throw out in front for cuteness a few twists (I heavily added some cream to them) but the majority of my hair is nicely tucked under my satin bonnet.  I am free to wear any hat I choose.  As cold as it is I want something warm and the warmest hats seem to be the worst ones for our hair.

Satin-lined hats and beanies  

With the surge of natural hair wearers there has become a real need for winter gear that caters to them.  It’s not just the natural hair products that has swelled to great proportions in the past few years.  We are finding more women creating such beautiful necessities like satin-lined hats and beanies with such flair that they become back-logged from the demand.

Carla Helené Ezell  is one such designer that saw the demand for satin-lined hats for naturals and creates out of yarn beautiful hats and beanies.  This was a handed down craft from the women in her family.  Naturals in colder climates are in love with these items as they keep us warm, cute and our hair is protected with the satin-lining we need so much.

Satin-lined headbands and ear warmers

 This is a newer item I’m seeing but a great one that is increasing in demand.  Many naturals in colder climates need to keep the ears warm but not at the expense of their hair. You can go to any store to find cute ones like at Target or Forever 21 but they aren’t natural hair friendly.  Some satin-lined hat creators have come up with satin-lined headbands and earwarmers and I can only see this getting popular.

TagMeTrendy is an Etsy store owner who have come to the rescue with cute and functional headbands/earwarmers.   Now, all it takes is some google searches to find other shops and designers who have coily/curly/kinky girls in mind when they make their items.  Natural hair is big business and manufacturers are listening but if you ask me I say stick with the small businesses or little guy.  If that’s just not possible don’t forget how wonderful Amazon is.  They sell everything and yes, that includes Fall/Winter silk Scarves.  

Now for the DIYers that are reading this there is something for you as well!  Here’s a video below by NiftyKeisha and she shows you how you can add your satin cap to your hats through snaps.  It’s super easy and I will be trying this out when I get the time.  No, you don’t have to be a seamstress to do this trick so don’t worry and check it out.

Being cute and protected in the snow is a reality and a rather easy one lately.  You see how many different ways to be looking good, keeping warm and not drying out your hair.  Don’t get caught out there with a wet head or an unprotected head when there are just too many gorgeous accessories to keep you warm and your hair looking beautiful.   The prices are right and with the cold temperatures sticking around, we need to be prepared and pretty!


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