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Updo Box Braids and Twists Styles Created in 3 Minutes or Less!

You would think creating updo’s with box braids is fairly easy. But once you find yourself struggling to get all those braids into one ponytail you might find yourself in need of some guidance. Here are some quick tutorials done in 2- 3 minutes that make creating classy and stylish updos doable in no time at all!

Updos are great whether you are going to work, wanting something fancy, or for casual everyday wear. They are a simple elegant look that pretty much works for just about anything. Not to mention they also take some weight off your shoulders. I personally don’t care to have my braid extensions all in my face. And at night time having too much hair in my way gets me way too overheated, making an updo the perfect solution.

In this tutorial, Jennifer Olaleye shows us how to create a cute updo style with no ponytail holders (you may need a few pins to hold your style in place). She completes the tutorial by adding a little something extra to the updo by using an earthy patterned headwrap. The style on its own looks fabulous; the headwrap is an optional finishing touch.


6 thoughts on “Updo Box Braids and Twists Styles Created in 3 Minutes or Less!

    1. CorinNashea

      Natou’s Hair Braiding-301-516-5455..I love the way they braid in that shop but I always get Natou (Nat-too) the owner to braid my hair

  1. kei

    I liked the first two videos but the last one by rayann was not good. The style didnt look polished. It just looked raggedy. Just my opinion.

  2. kokopuffs48

    Does anyone know of any hairstylists in the Baltimore Metro area that specifically deals with natural hair, NOT JUST LOCS, and uses natural shampoos and knows how to style hair naturally with braids, twists, etc., using the person’s own hair, not necessarily extensions?


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