4 Quick Fixes To Revive Winter Dry Hair

4 Quick Fixes To Revive Dry Winter Hair

4 Quick Fixes To Revive Winter Dry Hair

The Polar Vortex is not playing! With temperatures below freezing, your hair can really take a beating. But here are some quick fixes to hydrate, dry and brutal winter hair.

Steam Your Hair

Create a steam sauna in your bathroom to rehydrate winter hair. Simply jump in the shower with uncovered hair or stand in a steam filled room.  You steam your curls by allowing steam from a warm shower to infuse hair.

Spritz & Seal

Spritz & Seal is a great way to moisturize daily and prevent breakage.  A moisturizing spritz that consist of water, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil will hydrate the driest of hair.  But this moisture can easily escape if not sealed in with a natural sealant. The best natural sealants are heavy oils (jojoba, castor, or almond) or thick butters, Shea Butter for example. Spritz & Seal is perfect for moisturizing protective styles like braid extension. (Read the Do’s and Don’ts of Braids)

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Oil Rinse 

A oil rinse has been compared to a hot oil treatment done in the shower. This is something that I do year round. Its simple!  Apply any of the three oils that penetrate hair (coconut, olive, or avocado) or try all three in the shower after shampooing your hair and scalp. Make sure to ring out excess water and add oil from ends to roots.  Then condition hair as normal.  Its guaranteed to leave your hair soft and moisturize but not greasy. You can read more at Black Hair Information

Buy: Coconut Oil

Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier, $47.55 (Amazon)

Add A Humidifier To Your Home

Even though you’re in from the cold, the air in your home can still be very dry, which doesn’t offer any relief to your hair. A humidifier is the perfect solution.  It increases air moisture which is great for dry hair and skin. It also helps to warn off sinus infections. Its a win-win!

Buy Crane Drop Humidifier

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10 thoughts on “4 Quick Fixes To Revive Dry Winter Hair

    1. Sonya

      I asked the same question for my then 4 month old b/c I didn’t want to use Johnson and Johnson and she suggested to try Shea Moisture Baby, Curls Curly Q or Cara B Naturrally. I purchased the Sheamoisture Baby and it has working pretty good. The only thing I didn’t do was get the conditioner :(. I also use Organic Coconut Oil on her hair. Hope this helps some and good luck..

      1. Sonya

        My mother told me that too jahneira. She said to use it when I didn’t want to wet her hair and rub it out with a towel.

  1. Melanie

    I recently tried a really good hair repair system, it’s the one from pro naturals, the moroccan argain oil leave-in treatment that repairs split-ends, and cuticles and leaves the hair super smooth. I just wanted to share it with you guys!

  2. Beatrice Ije Wali

    I have really gone through a lot of write ups and tutorials on natural hair and its so interesting.The thing is that I really want to go natural,I have not relaxed my hair in six months now,I have read about so many products and I really don’t know the ones to start with, please assist and recommend the products you think are right for a beginner. I will be most greatful.


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