New Hair Resolutions

New Hair Resolutions and How to Keep Them

New Hair Resolutions and How to Keep Them

The New Year has come and gone. Many have proclaimed numerous resolutions on life, love, career, health… and hair. But how many of us will actually keep them? Already, the gym rats are complaining about the packed gyms and waiting for the rest of us to let our resolutions fall to the waste side. For me, 2013 was a very challenging year. And with those challenges, came a lot of introspection. Renewal. And dare I say it… resolutions. One of my many resolutions is to take better care of myself: eat healthier, exercise consistently, and take better care of my hair. So many times, I’ve said that I’d take better care of my hair, but this time I’m committed to making it stick. And here’s how…

Don’t Procrastinate

As with many things, procrastination holds us back from following through. So many times I’ve put off washing and detangling my hair because I envision a huge uphill battle. And in the process, I make my situation worse. Because  the longer I wait, the more tangled it gets. And despite that, it’s never as bad as I think it will be. Recently, I’ve been more regimened with washing, detangling, and conditioning. When I don’t procrastinate it’s a breeze! Go figure!

Cut Out Bad Habits

My worst bad habit… wash and gos. I have kinky, highly textured hair. Although wash and gos look great on me and are [seemingly] a quick fix, they cause the worst tangles. In fact, they are the very reason why I dreaded wash day. As soon as I stopped doing them, my hair thrived. I didn’t say I would do it less often. I didn’t make excuses. I just stopped. Cold turkey. And my hair thanks me.

Be Consistent

Deep conditioning your hair once, is not going to make up for months of bad habits. Find a hair regimen that works with your schedule. As a busy mom, I  know I can’t set aside two hours for working out, nor can I set aside an entire day for hair. So I’m realistic. I set aside a 20-30 minutes for exercise. (With high intensity workouts, this time frame is very effective.) And I set aside 2-3 hours for my hair. On wash day, I even do a double whammy. I exercise with deep conditioner [and plastic cap] on my hair. Boom! How’s that for consistency?

Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Every time you feel like you are losing steam or getting discouraged, remember your goals. For some, it is a specific hair length. Since I plan on maintaining my currently hair length, I just want healthier hair. I want to reduce the number of split ends and single strand knots in my hair. When I cut my hair, I want it to be by choice… not because I’m cutting off damaged ends. (I’ve probably cut over 6 inches of hair this year.) Besides, although my hair is bra strap length, an extra inch or two couldn’t hurt. Right?

What are your new hair resolutions and how do you plan on keeping them?


3 thoughts on “New Hair Resolutions and How to Keep Them

  1. Hannalyn

    Hi thank you so much for posting this! Really helpful and inspiring! I can totally relate to this. Please watch my video on my journey of transitioning from relaxed her to natural, it would be gladly appreciated!


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