10 Step Guide To Winter Natural Hair Care

10 Step Winter Natural Hair Care Guide

10 Step Guide To Winter Natural Hair Care

The winter can be your hair’s worst enemy.  The cold and frosty air can wreak havoc on each strand resulting in excessive dryness, shedding, split ends and worst of all, breakage.

Besides protective styling or wearing hairstyles that minimize your hair’s exposure to the cold, this 10 Step Guide to Winter Natural Hair Care will help you decrease breakage and retain more length for stronger, healthier, and longer hair.

Along with wonderful tips that you can easily implement into your current regimen, I have included product recommendations and where you can purchase each product. They will take you directly to more product information and details on how to buy the products online.

This 12 page guide will walk you through, step-by-step, creating a moisturizing hair regimen in the winter while outlining product recommendation and additional tips for retaining length and preventing breakage.

Why buy this book?

You will not find this information anywhere else online. After being natural for 7 years and growing mid-back length hair, I’ve learned a lot about hair care and products. And I’m sharing it with you.  I have complied a list of wonderful products, tips, and techniques that I personally use on my natural hair.  You can print this guide and take it where ever you go, no need for internet access, that means to the store while you look for products or read on the compute to work.

You will learn:

  • The best methods of moisturizing and hydrating extremely dry natural hair
  • Tips to maintaining natural hair and retaining the maximum amount of length
  • Ten great steps for preventing breakage
  • The top natural hair products for the winter
  • and more

Price: $4.99

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29 thoughts on “10 Step Winter Natural Hair Care Guide

  1. Mita Rodriguez Colebut

    Im fairly new to natural hair care. Did the big chop about 2 years ago. I was a HUGE WIG, PHONY PONY, WEAVE WEARER. I have since stopped using heat, chemicals and all other growth inhibiting activities. I am trying to use home made hair oils, conditioners, ect. Im also learning how to style my natural hair myself. Finding it very frustrating at times not sure what else to do. The styling tutorials I have seen dont really reflect my hair texture. (Kinda kinky-coily, more like a coarse hair type) please help! Lovin the natural just need some guidance.

    1. Uchenna

      Hello Mita, I feel your pain. I did a big chop about 3 years ago, and I’ve been going through trial and error – went through heat damage, suffered and still suffer from loss of hair on my edges from braids and all. I’m in my 20s. Anyway, I have the super kinky hair, and I have found that applying water to my hair before doing any sort of manipulation to the hair does it a whole lot of justice. It helps. I then stretch out the hair to create a mini afro. I apply natural oils afterward. That’s my only daily regimen, and it works for me. At night, I place a sleeping cap (the satin ones) over my hair. I just started this a month ago, and I was surprised by the results. My hair doesn’t come out mashed like it would have if I slept without some kind of protection. I hope this helps. Please comment if this works for you.

  2. angela

    Thanks for the tips Tamara love your page you always have great information..Please check me out on facebook at Bnaturalnbeyond new page and sharing my journey and just love being on #teamnatural have a merry christmas and happy new year

    1. Tamara Post author

      Play with portion as well as make sure you’re shampooing throughly each week. Especially with castor oil and shea butter, less is more. A small amount is all you need. If you use those two you can leave out the the leave-in conditioner and depending on how you’re styling your hair, the styling product too.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Many people have found more success with the LOC method but if the Curl Girl Method is working for you keep at it. But there is no harm trying the LOC method to see which one you like best.

      1. Doublel

        I did. I used pure coconut oil and followed with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave in. My hair was very oily. How can I prevent this?

  3. Apryl

    Thanks for the tips, although, I’ve been natural over 8 years and have learned a lot of trail and error and these tips are great reminders for me. I have found myself in a rut in regards to my hair recently and I was in need of a refresher to help get me back on track. I have chosen to wear my hair in braids throughout the winter months as protective styling is my favorite go to winter hair practice but I look forward to trying an oil infusion treatment when I take them down as it is something that I have not tried to date! Thanks again

  4. Cassandre

    Thanks for these tips. I recently purchased aloe vera juice as someone recommended that I give it a try in my hair. I didn’t realize i can use it as a leave-in conditioner. I was rinsing it out. I do love Eden Body Works.. great list.

      1. Tracy

        I highly recommend http://www.justnaturalskincare.com Their products are all-natural w/ great ingredients such as aloe vera juice. No alcohol or chemicals. Check it out ladies. I’ve been using their dry hair shampoo and conditioner as well as their dry hair shea butter. Awesome products.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Tracey, it’s more beneficial as your “L” because it naturally moisturizes but does not coat the hair. You may need any additional sealant.

  5. jacinta

    I have always just been a wash and press girl. I am trying the terressentials shampoo and moisturising with natural Shea butter. Learning to style without heat is trial and error because my hair is fine and not as full. The. good thing is that its not as dry.

  6. nikky

    Hi i’m not really new in natural hair because i have never permed it but i have never had the courage to leave my hair out until recently last year i decided to do so. My major problem is scanty hair; my hair is really scanty and short then when i see all these hair styles, seems to me like it works best with the long and thick hair persons so what can i do so as to style my hair even though short and scanty and can my hair be thick ? im even looking for the length because that is another whole and long story. i really do like natural hair pleas help

  7. Joanie

    Tamara, I’m thoroughly enjoying your articles and advice. HELP PLEASE!
    My story:
    12/2011 BC from traditional locs, hair was thinning/alopecia from medical issues. Now with thin 3c/4a combo hair Winter care is challenging. Oils/creams are much to heavy for regular application (LOC method).
    My dilemma:
    – Moisture because I use BAQ Henna which dries my hair out but gives gorgeous shine and strength.
    – Detangling because I do not us a comb or brush I loose too much hair. Finger detangling in the shower is not enough as I also have mad shrinkage (BSL) and my curls tangle easily especially when wet and during a twist outs.
    All suggestions appreciated.


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