My Baby's First Christmas | Natural Hair Rules

A Few Things About Me | Christmas Edition

My Baby's First Christmas | Natural Hair Rules

This was my baby’s first Christmas in 2011. Best Holiday Ever!

I have been blogging at Natural Hair Rules since October of 2008. And I realized I don’t share a lot about myself. You wouldn’t believe me but I’m somewhat shy. Just a little, though. I wanted to share some of my not natural hair related Christmas favorites!!! Please take the time to comment below with your favorites too. I look forward to reading them.

Favorite Movie: Scoorged & How The Grinch Stole Christmas (The Cartoon)

Favorite Song: This Christmas (Original: Donny Hathaway), Christmas Eve (Justin Bieber), What Do The Lonely Do on Christmas (The Emotions), Silent Night (The Temptations)

Favorite Drink: Promiseland Eggnog, Hot Spice Apple Cider (from Starbucks)

Do You Believe In Santa Claus?: Nope, my parents made it very clear who came bearing gifts and the reason for the season.

Best Gift Ever: I consider my 2 yr son my best Christmas present ever, even though he was born in Nov.

Your turn… Comment Below With Your Favorites!


6 thoughts on “A Few Things About Me | Christmas Edition

  1. Charmeon

    Fav Movie: The Preacher’s Wife
    Fav Song: Oh Holy Night & any song on The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack
    Fav Drink: Eggnog Shake from Jack in the Box
    I don’t believe in Santa & don’t think I ever did. My parents made sure I knew Who, what, & why we celebrated!
    Best Gift: $100 Barnes & Noble gift card from a student!

  2. Nneka, Working Mystic

    Best Christmas movie: Love Actually
    Favorite song: O Holy Night, What Child is This?, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Carol of the Bells
    Favorite Drink: punch a creme – It’s like egg nog, but with rum. Yum:-)
    Do you believe in Santa?: Nope

  3. Angela Williams

    Best Christmas Movie: A Christmas Carol(1938 Black & White film)
    Favorite Song: This Christmas(by Donny Hathaway)
    Favorite Drink: Eggnog(spiked is ok too)
    Do You Believe in Santa: No
    Best Gift Ever: My son(even though he was born the last week of October)

  4. Alea Jay

    Movie: This Christmas/A Divas’ Christmas Carol(Vanessa Williams)
    Song: Whitney Houstons’ (Who would Imagine a King)/Mariah Careys’ (All I want for Christmas)
    Drink: I’m with you on the apple cider, Tamara
    Santa: I hope not, I have a fire place and it WILL be lit. I’m not trying to catch a case for the new year! Lol
    Best Gift: My faith

  5. Jeana

    Favorite Christmas Movie: The Preacher’s Wife
    Favoritete Chrismas Song: Joy To World from the Preacher’s Wife soundtrack
    Favorite Christmas Drink: Eggnog
    Santa? No. Jesus? Yes!!!
    Best Christmas Gift: all my kids and grandkids came home for Christmas 2010. The BEST!


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