5 Natural Hair Updos for Short and Medium hair

5 Holiday Updos for Short and Medium Natural Hair

5 Holiday Natural Hairstyles – Natural Hair Updos for short and medium hair

Hello Naturals!  We are in week three of December and holiday parties are in full swing!  You’ve probably been to one or going to your first one this weekend and are eager for a new hairstyle to rock and look fab.  Don’t fret darlings.  I will not disappoint.  I’ve scoured Youtube and found the best, yes, I said the best updos no matter where your hair length lays.  We all are going to be haute for the holidays so sit back and see what Sabrina has got in store for you!!!

Natural Hair | Retro Updo Tutorial (Short Hair)

Retro is in!  Well, isn’t it always?  I mean everybody knows retro styles are the best and if you don’t believe me then just ask  Janelle Monáe who sports the sexiest pompadour to date.  If you like retro looks and have short hair then this style is for you.  It’s s sexy flat twisted updo that quick to create and just right for the holidays.  Kim from, TheChicNatural, uses today’s tools to create a sexy style to compliment any outfit.

Four Quick easy styles for Short Natural Hair (Short Hair)

Teshna actually has four amazingly gorgeous styles to share but I’m more interested in those first two updos she creates quite quickly.  She starts with pushed up side pony that takes no real skill at all and I’m ashamed I haven’t tried it.  She ends with a fro hawk that’s as funky as it wants to be and both styles seem more than right for any outing but especially New Year’s Eve.

Curly Twisted Pin-Up | Natural Hair Tutorial (Medium Hair)

Here is Kim from, TheChicNatural, again with another updo with a curly twist to it.  Her hair is longer so this tutorial is for  medium length hair.  She’s got the back up with tons of curls in the front and that looks is perfect for the work parties.  Fun, sexy, sassy, this updo is ready to do some real work in the party circuit so enjoy!


I’m not going to lie.  I REALLY like this one!  Anneka Mclean came up with a  romantic sexy look that really can be made into two looks.  By minute 4:00 of the 6 minute video she has a  gorgeous updo with the curls just cascading in the front and on the side.  She could have stopped there but went on to create perfect pinup rolls.  She turned the free flowing hair in the front into puffs of prettiness!  I love both looks.  She does add a bowtie at the end and it’s cute but a flower or a gorgeous hairpin will work just as well.

Holiday Updo Hair Tutorial (Medium Hair)

Toni from My Natural Sistas has a stunning, that’s right a STUNNING,  two strand flat twist updo.   We get to see how she created this style up close and personal so recreating it shouldn’t be too difficult.  She says she’s still learning but girlfriend hooked that hair up WELL and it looks like a professional did it.   What she stresses is for anyone doing this style to be creative especially with the pinning of the twists into her updo pompadour.   She shows how she puts the style to rest which is always a plus in any video.

Five lovely holiday hairstyles  that are sure to please.  Oh, and you see I heard all the short haired naturals!  I made sure to find some gorgeous styles for you to rock too!  I think everyone will be pleased with the collection above and since we are working on another holiday hair installment let me know in the comments if there’s a particular style you want to see.

Enjoy those parties,


Comment Below: Which Style Will You Rock This Holiday Season?


17 thoughts on “5 Holiday Updos for Short and Medium Natural Hair

  1. Tocara Smiles

    I am going to do the NATURAL HAIR”: CHIC, SEXY, ELEGANT!!! UPDO (Medium Hair)

    for my Christmas party next week!!! That is too cute!!!

      1. genise greene

        I stretch my natural hair by flat twisting my hair with one flat twist on each side going around my head. Let it dry and your hair will be stretched.

  2. Cecilia

    I like the last hairstyle with the braids. Is it appropriate to wear after the holidays? It looks like an easy alternative to wearing a short Afro since I am transitioning and I am waiting until my hair grow longer.

  3. Shontye

    I love all the hairstyles, however, my hair is very rebellious. I have very coarse, thick hair. I have tried so many products and spent so much money. I extremely overwhelmed since I’ve been natural(5 yrs.). All I wear is weaves and braids because nothing seems to work on my hair. I’m tempted to perm again because I’m extremely frustrated. HELP!!!!!!


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