4 Signs Its Time For A Trim

4 Signs Your Hair Needs A Trim

4 Warning Signs Its Time For A TrimHair trimming is a long-standing debate in the natural hair world.  Some argue 6-8 weeks is a good time frame, while others say 3-4 months. And then there are others who say never. No matter your stance, there are tell-tale signs that indicate a trim is necessary. And when they present themselves, you must act.

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Single-strand or fairy knots come with the territory of natural hair.  Knots happen. There are many ways to reduce them. You can keep your hair stretched and use oils/butters on your ends. But when those pesky knots cannot be kept at bay, then a dusting may be necessary.  At every point where a knot occurs, the hair strand is weakened.   I don’t recommend clipping knots that are higher up on the hair shaft, but if they are near the ends then dust or include them in your scheduled trim.


Split-ends can throw a major monkey wrench in your hair growth plans. Why? Because splitting can thin your ends and result in uncontrolled breakage. It’s for this reason, it’s recommended that you trim slightly above the end of the split.  There are split-end repair products on the market that act as “glue” for your split ends. But it is important to note that they are only temporary solutions to use in between trims.  Don’t trim your ends, and you may lose more than the 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

Tangling at the Ends

I always know it is time for a trim when there’s an excess of tangling (and tapering) at my ends.  Ever untwist your twist and despite all your extra care the ends are still tangled? It may be time for a trim. Not only can it cause damage, but it can seriously ruin the look of a bomb twist out. And who wants that?

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Your Hair Isn’t “Growing”

Is your hair the same length as last year? Are you deep conditioning, protective styling, and treating your hair like the finest of lace? If you’ve reviewed your entire regimen and still not getting results, then maybe you’re not keeping up with your split ends.  This holds true for some who don’t believe in trimming or trim on a rare basis. Although there are some who can go a long time without a trim, there are others with more delicate hair who need to stay ahead of damaged ends. You may also want to read: 7 Reasons It May Appear Your Hair Has ‘Stopped Growing’

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How do you know it is time for at trim?

12 thoughts on “4 Signs Your Hair Needs A Trim

  1. Marie

    For years I never seen my hair grown passed my shoulders, but only once and since I’ve I grown older I have not know it to get pass that point, it seems to stop at a point and stay, I’ve been trying to see if I can have long hair, but starting to feel that not possible for me, please help me or am I’m too old?

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  3. Asia

    Hi, can anyone tell me how you wld go about trimming and noticing split ends on a twa? Cuz I havent been natural long and my hair is short and I cant tell.

    1. Mejuju2

      When your hair is in a twa you put little pony tails in it or metal clips in small sections and hold the hair out and dust the splits same with longer hair braI’d in sections and hold braid out and get them split ends hope this helps.Don’t forget vegetable glycerin and water and oil for moisture and shine not too much or it will be damp .

  4. Tynetta

    I dont know how to go about adressing different lengths with split ends. I have been encouraged by many “stylist” to just keep my hair cut the way it is. It’s short in the back and longer in the front. The top is double the length of the back. Its almost cut in mushroom or a upside down backwards inverted bob where the top/ middle is long. 2 x’s longer than the front. Its basically a graduation fro but the hair is not not evenly distributed. When straight, which is rare, it looks fine because the top of my hair covers the bottom/back. But when curly it looks ridiculous! Im tempted to just big chop. But I honestly don’t know how to start. Also what is the best way to cut / trim natural hair? Dry and straight or curly and wet? This all very is confusing and discouraging. I feel like if I could get this under control I may become a happy natural I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve been natural for 5 years.

  5. shavondra

    ive been natural for about 3.5-4years now.i live in corpus christi, tx n cannot find a natural hairstylist. my ends have not been trimmed in about 4.5 -5 years. im ready to give up bc i no longer know what to do. i dont even know my hair type to better care for it.

    1. davona

      Hey Shavondra do not give up !! I understand that managing natural hair is hard and can be very tedious but I can be done and all within the comfort of your own home. First step is youtube! Allow youtube naturalist to be your best friend. There are many different women on youtube who are going through the same process as the rest of us and they can show and teach you how to maintain your hair. Second google “natural hair types” and read up on which hair type fits you best. African American womens natural hair normally range between 4a – 4c somewhere in between you will find your natural kinky coily hair type. You can manage your own trims at your house, get you a pair of professional shears and youtube how to trim my natural hair. Yesterday I trimmed my own natural hair just by blow drying my hair and looking at the hair that was see through. If you can see through the ends of your hair when you stretch it out you need to trim it and you don’t have to trim a lot just trim as you go. do a little this month and come back next month and do a little more. How often do you wash and deep condition your hair? that also plays a big role with management. I used to wash my hair once a month and it would be really dry and brittle, I have recently learned that my hair needs to be washed and deep conditioned every week !!! yes every week. also I have to moisturize dailyyyyy. if I don’t my hair will be unhappy, now what works for me may not work for you. you have to find products and styles that works for shavondras hair. I don’t want to be on here all-day because theres a lot that I could tell you but if you want to email me you most certainly can and I would love to assist you with your hair journey…. always remember being natural is a journey and not a destination!! davonaazanga@gmail.com

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