Natural Hair Expert & Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams answers "Alopecia: Is Castor Oil the Only Treatment Option?"

Alopecia: Is Castor Oil the Only Hair Growth Cure?

Natural Hair Expert & Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams answers "Alopecia: Is Castor Oil the Only Treatment Option?"

Is Castor Oil the only hair loss cure for alopecia and alopecia aerata?

Anonymous writes

Is castor oil the only thing that works? Because I tried it and it was working at 1st but now my edges are at a stand still!

Response by Dr. Kari Williams

Alopecia is another word for hair loss. There are two main types of alopecia: Scarring and Non-scarring. Non-scarring forms of alopecia can be autoimmune, hereditary, or triggered by stress, medications, illnesses or anything that interrupts the systemic environment. When hair loss is experienced under these conditions, the hair will grow back once the body is back in balance.

There are essential and stimulating oils that can encourage hair growth in areas of the scalp where the hair follicle is still present and unscarred. Castor oil is full of essential fatty acids that deliver nutrients to the hair and scalp. (Buy: Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil) If castor oil is no longer working rosemary, ylang ylang, and sage oils are stimulating essential oils that encourage hair growth.

It is important to note that if the alopecia around the hairline does not improve it may be a sign that there are some additional factors contributing to the hair loss. These factors could be health related, hormonal or a sign that there’s scar tissue in the area, which is a characteristic of scarring alopecia (which is permanent hair loss); it can be diagnosed and treated by your dermatologist.

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11 thoughts on “Alopecia: Is Castor Oil the Only Hair Growth Cure?

  1. Mary

    Interesting article. Haven’t tried castor oil but so far I love how others describe it and how others share their experience with it. Will definitely try to use it soon. Have a nice day!

  2. MyFluffyPuffs

    I have alopecia and when I’m stressed its like my hair is raining down my shoulders. If you want a lighter oil without nutty smell: Moringa Oil – better than Emu, Argan and Avocado oil.

    You have to get on a vitamin regimen if your hair sheds. I take MSM, Cod Liver and Vitamin C everyday.

  3. Deborah Green

    I was wearing braids for years now I am completely bald on the top of my head. What can I use to get my har to grow back.

  4. Sammie

    I’m concerned about my thinning problem and overall feelings towards my hair being healthy, cause I’ve been on medication since for sometime now and I think I don’t stand a change. I once was taking biotin think it can help off set any reaction from the medications I’m on due to a strokes and diabetes., so I see grownth, but now I’m thinning and experience the cent of my breaking cause of me wearing a fake bun on top a lot., if if you may., thank you in advance if you can!

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  6. Sammie Time

    I made my own fit out of castor oil and red onion and garlic, EVOO and blend and then applied and put a plastic cap on and let set for 30 mintues to an hour and rinsed and shampoo and deep condition and mines started filling in., with in 30 days


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