The Curly Girl Method Pros and Cons

Curly Girl Method: Pros and Cons

The Curly Girl Method Pros and Cons The Curly Girl Method (CGM) has been my staple for almost a year.  I started in January of 2013 and have found success with the method, moisture retention, and hair growth.  Lorraine Massey, a curly girl expert and the owner of the Devachan Salon in New York, created the Curly Girl Method and co-wrote Curly Girl, The Handbook. I have been documenting my progress, changes and challenges and as I draw closer to my one-year mark, I have found some clear pros and cons to the method.


  • Moisture retention /Length retention.  I immediately noticed less dryness once I started this method!  Less dryness means less breakage and that means length retention.
  • Less tangles during Washdays.  No longer using harsh shampoos stopped my hair from being stripped of  its natural oils. In the past, it would tangle like crazy.  Washing with a cleansing conditioner is much gentler on my tresses leaving me almost tangle free.
  • Better looking curls/coils/kinks.  My hair LOOKED better.  I had better curl definition with curl clumps.  It was noticeable right away and it became a big push to keep it going.


  • Using tons of conditioner.  I go through conditioner like a mad woman and although most naturals do, with the CGM, you have to slather it on and some may see this as a waste.
  • No longer using shampoo.  This is either a con or a pro according to whom you’re talking to.  Some naturals just feel they need it and if you fall into that category this will stop you from liking this method.  I have gone a year without shampoo. I use cleansing conditioners instead. I haven’t noticed any build-up. But its recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo as needed regardless of the CGM. Read More: 5 Reasons To Use a Clarifying Shampoo
  • Different from traditional methods of hair management.  It is not the way many of us were taught to manage our hair and if you like, traditional methods then this may not be the technique for you.

The Curly Girl Method Pros and Cons1  The Curly Girl Method is a relatively new method so many are still trying to understand what it can bring to your tresses.  So Naturals,  have you tried it and if so what are your pros and cons?


10 thoughts on “Curly Girl Method: Pros and Cons

  1. tasha

    I notice a difference in about 2 wks. Its excellent I love it. I wash n go like everyday. Just trying to deal with it now that its cold as heck though!

    1. Sabrina Perkins Post author

      Glad you love it because I am right there with you. I would say add some glycerin to your spray bottle but not too much. I have not been going out with soaking wet hair (although I have in the past) because I am just not up for the cold hair this Winter. I am a year round wash and go natural though and love it.

  2. mishienaturalhair

    I have been consindering following this method. I have been natural for about a year and a half and i guess i kind of do a modified curly girl method. But im willing to give it a try and see how it works, your curls look gorgeous.

  3. Diana

    I am a big fan of the curly girl method, and have been doing it for years. I agree with everything Sabrina says!
    I also want to say, Aloe Vera Gel/Juice* has been the best thing I have ever done for my hair. I’m not a saleslady–I just wish I had discovered this years earlier, and want other people to benefit. Just rub some into your palms (dime size, quarter size; different amounts work for different heads) and squeeze a bit into damp curls. You can carry on with whatever gel or salt spray (or nothing) that works for you after that. Works great after the shower or on dry hair as a pick me up. Defines curls, tames frizzes, and makes my hair soft!
    *You have to get high quality aloe, however. Not the stuff they sell next to the sunscreen; go for the organic stuff in the health supplement aisle, that you have to keep in the fridge after opening (might have to go to Whole Foods or another “hippie mart” to find it). I swear it’s a whole different plant, and that’s the one you want! It’s about 10 bucks for 8 ounces, and it lasts forever.
    FYI: I’m a Euro-mutt white girl, but my friend who is half Black half Native American turned me onto this; we both love it!

  4. Love81

    Hey! Can you tell me if these ingredients are curly girl method approved? I’m not good at ingredients! 😦 These are from Luster’s S-Curl Wave Jel Activator: Deionized Water (Aqua) , glycerin , propylene glycol , Polyquaternium-11 , Panthenol (Provitamin B5) , Hydrolyzed Collagen , carbomer , triethanolamine , Imidazolidinyl Urea , MEthylparaben , Benzophenone-4 , fragrance , Blue 1 (CI 42090) These are from the Light version of the same product: Water, Propylene, Ethylene Glycol, Carbomer 940, Triethanolamine, Fragrance, Methyl Paraben, Glycerin, Panthenol

  5. Chewy

    So I finally figured it out I am still a curly girl if I use an S-curl to make it easy. I am glad this has been clarified because I get booed for not being absolutely a natural. I feel that I am, just I need to retain water and couldn’t. Now that I use the S-Curl (Well now I use a family product and am partially back to natural and brushing my hair it is growing. I was told that brushing your hair is bad and cause breakage. I guess everyone is different. Every since I went back to the way my mom use to do my hair before perms and using my Cousin Russel Chew hair products. (Yes it is sold in Sally’s across the globe and in Ebony’s) I have manage to retain length and even get the breakage to stop. Natural some ways as you said are not for everyone. I love natural but I love the old fashion natural without all the extra hoobla…Thanks for these facts. I really feel like I qualify once again as a natural.

  6. Kira

    I documented my Curly Girl experience as well. Like you, I used way more conditioner. But looking back, I see that it should be expected because of the type of regimen it is. From my CG experience, I realized that my hair responded better from a moisture standpoint when I didn’t use shampoo at every wash.
    The flip side, I realized that I couldn’t avoid shampoo 100% because of a feeling of buildup and not so clean scalp that is due to oil scalp in certain areas.
    Ultimately, I found my co-wash to shampoo ratio and I still use it to this day.
    Great article!



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