CURLIES COLOR TOO! Coloring and Hairstyle Book

Naturalista and Mom, Yolanda Renee released Curlies Color Too: A Coloring and Hairstyle Book


Yolanda Renee is the author and illustrator of the creative and one of a kind children’s coloring/hairstyle book, CURLIES COLOR TOO. The purpose of the book is to serve both Mommy & Daughter!

Yolanda says “With this book I want to touch Mothers and help them stay motivated to keep their daughters natural. This is my effort to break the cycle of relaxing our young girls hair at such a young age.

I want to start a new cycle of keeping our children natural and teaching them self-love through hair. The illustrations cater to young girls to show them they are worthy to be in a book. The curlie girls in this coloring book teach children how to color, learn their shapes, and different natural hair styles.

Mothers can use these illustrations to pick out their daughter’s hairstyle of the week! There is so much more offered in this book such as children’s hair product list, regimen ideas, curlie girl reading book list, hair style list, and more!

Overall, this book is a coloring book with a hairstyle twist! The perfect holiday gift for the little girl in your life.

Curlies Color Too are available at Amazon for $9.96


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