Hairstory – Faith D.

Hairstory – Faith D. | Faith was a long-term transitioned that has been natural for 5 years.

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Faith D. Hairstory

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1. How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 5 years.

2. Why and how did you go natural? (Did you transition? What products and styles did you use?)

I began to see a few friends around me rocking their natural hair, and no one’s hair was the same. I became curious about how my hair would look in its natural form. Tight curls? Loose curls? Kinky? Also, I didn’t necessarily start out saying “I want to go natural”. I started out saying “I wonder how long I can go without a perm?” Meaning, I planned on getting a perm after I felt I had gone long enough. As each standard 6-weeks between perms went by without having a perm, I just kept going. I would go to my stylist and ask her to flat iron my hair as bone straight as possible and cut my ends every month. Living in Houston with its humidity, the presses wouldn’t last as long as my new growth grew longer and longer. I then started doing protective styles like bantu knot outs, perm rod curls, and sew-ins.

And so my journey to natural hair began.

The first product I ever tried was Miss Jessie’s curly pudding. I’ve since tried CURLS, Wen, Shea Moisture, Eco-styler Gel, Pink Lotion, Kinky Curly Custard & Knot Today, and Eden’s products

3. Did you transition long term or do the big chop? Why?

I transitioned long term. No big chop for me. I have such a connection to my hair and am scared silly to do any dramatics to it. I have never died it or cut it, other than layers, and regular trims. I just kept trimming the ends until there was no perm left. Plus, I didn’t know if I had the head for a big chop lol! One day soon I plan to do something new & different because I love a little change. Lets just hope I will like it afterward.

4. Tell us about your hair regimen. What products and techniques do you use? How do you keep your hair moisturized? What hairstyle do you rock religiously?

My hair regimen is soooo simply. I wash every 2- 2 ½ weeks with devachan low poo or WEN cleansing conditioner. Whichever cleaner I plan to use that day, mix it with water in a bottle with a pointy nozzle on the end. I shake it up and apply the mixture directly to my scalp 30 minutes before I wash so my scalp can really get a good cleansing.

I then separate my hair into four sections, and add more of the product in the bottle to each section. I work into a nice lather then detangle my hair in the shower with the product on it. I find this to be the fastest way to detangle my hair. I wash each section twice, starting with the top sections and work my way down.

I then squeeze out as much water from my hair when done. I don’t towel dry my hair, I just have the towel on my shoulders to catch the dripping water. I have fallen in love with Eden BodyWorks products. I love their Jojoba Deep Conditioner and their Coconut Shea Leave-in Conditioner. I put on the deep conditioner with a plastic shower cap and cover with a towel for 20 mins to lock in body heat.

After washing out the deep conditioner, I use the LOC Method that I learned from to lock in moisture. It works wonders! I pretty much stick to braid outs or twist outs, and let them air dry for two days. I’m the girl you see with the beanies and hats on with the twists and braids under them.

I tend to straighten my hair twice a year. I also never use combs, or brushes, just a detangling brush. I never re-twist my hair overnight when sleeping; I just do the high pineapple and a bonnet.

5. How would you describe this experience?

It used to take me forever to wash my hair when I first got started. By now, I’ve got it down to a science… I used to re-twist my hair everynight. However, in my industry, you have to get as much sleep as you can, when you can, therefore pineapple it is. I enjoy being natural. It’s freeing. Makes me feel different from the masses. I get stopped everyday everywhere by women, men, and different races complementing the fro and asking what I use.

6. What have you learned since being natural (about yourself, your hair and other people)?

No need to be a product junkie. If I buy a product, I use it all before buying a new product. I learned that I have low porosity hair and that deep conditioning with heat is the best way to get my hair the moisture it needs.

And don’t use too much heat on your hair. Once I got my hair straightened and parts of it all over my head never reverted back curly from permanent heat damage. I had to transition those parts all over again just like when I was going natural from the jump.

I’ve also learned that I have looser curls on the front part of my hair and very tight curls on the back of my hair. I have no idea why, but I have embraced it.

7. What advice would you give to those transitioning or concerning natural?

If you straighten your hair all the time, you will not know what your true curl pattern is. It is probably curlier than what you see.

Also, if you’re transitioning, You can do it! There was a time when I was transitioning that I drove up to my stylist’s salon without an appointment to get a walk-in perm. I was so frustrated with my curls not being able to be combed thru with the same SMALL toothed comb that I used to comb my permed hair. I sat in the parking lot and talked myself out of getting a perm and it was the best decision I have ever made. Then I started using aWIDE tooth comb.

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One thought on “Hairstory – Faith D.

  1. Lizzie M

    Okay I think I need some help, my hair will be one year January 3rd, 2014 and yesterday I was sooo frustrated with my hair that I called my fiancée and told him I was getting a relaxer, he was able to talk me out of it because he knows how much going natural means to me but urrghhh!!!!! it could be so frustrating not knowing what to do with my hair. I have been looking at a lot of ladies transitioning and how they have achieved great success over the years, I know growth takes time but I just want my hair to grow, finding products is the worst part because I’m new to natural and my hair is like 4 a/b/c all inclusive and keeping it moisturized is difficult. My hair is still somewhat short so I cant get the lovely curls that I want…… I love my natural hair I love it so much and I wish I never got it relaxed because my hair was soo long when it was natural. I just need a mentor through this process.


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