3 Tips for Styling 4C Natural Hair with Pics

It’s a common misconception that 4c hair has limited styling options. The truth is 4c hair is just as versatile as any other natural hair texture. There are tons of styling options to choose from. In fact there are so many styles that you probably won’t get the chance to even try half of them in your lifetime.

Most likely this belief stems from the horrid concept of “good hair”. This opinion is formed by those who make the mistake of setting an unrealistic standard of how their hair should look or behave,  judging how their hair should look according to what is held up on a pedestal by society.

Normally on the regular I don’t get too fancy. I commonly wear two strand twists for protective styling purposes and to just make my life easier; it’s a nice get up and go style with little work required on my part. However, if I do find myself bored I know there are plenty of options for changing my hairstyle up.

So, Wash n Go’s Are Not Always the Best Idea

I think because looser curls rather than kinks are flaunted more often many women go natural with the thought that they can achieve defined curls by doing a simple wash n go and when they find out that they can’t they label their hair as unmanageable or challenging. When this isn’t so, it is simply just a different type of hair.

You Don’t Have to Wear Protective Styles 24/7

Another reason why many jump to the conclusion that 4c hair has limited styles is because protective styling is used as a means for length retention. It is true that it will be easier to retain length when you don’t wear your hair out as often. But so what?

Who says that protective styles can’t be creative? There are plenty of protective styles that look fabulous. Also keep in mind when you’re bored you can always change your hair up with low manipulation styles (roller sets, twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs etc.)

Embrace Those Kinks!

All natural textures are equally beautiful. What matters is having healthy hair. In order to have a good journey you have to accept and love your hair for what it is. Each hair type requires different care and treatment, and you have to do what works for your hair.

When the focus is taken off of what your hair can’t do and how it can’t be handled; you will find that there is a whole variety of styling options available for you to try.

I can’t say that I have ever felt bored or limited by my kinks; here are a few styles I have tried:


4 thoughts on “3 Tips for Styling 4C Natural Hair with Pics

    1. B

      It depends on both your textures. I’m 4c and my son is mixed and has 3b/c hair. The basic regimen is the same, but I’ve had to tweak his a little. Youtube is most definitely your friend! 🙂

  1. Tangi

    I recently moved to Georgia from Chicago with 4c hair and it won’t stop frizzing into a poof style after the 2nd day two strand twist out…i need some help

    1. Tosa

      I’ve lived in GA ever since I went natural & have VERY thick 4c hair & that’s never happened to me. There may be something else going on, or maybe it’s just something about the way it’s being done.


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