HeygorJess (Jessica Franklin) | Deva Cut Experience

Deva Cut: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

HeygorJess (Jessica Franklin) | Deva Cut ExperienceHey beauties! My name is Jessica, also know as Heygorjess! I have a website called Heygorjess.com where I talk about natural hair, health, beauty, and God. Today I am going to share with you my experience getting a Deva Cut at the Devachan Salon this past May in New York (on Broadway in Soho). Make sure you check at the pics below.

The Deva Cutting Technique is a trademarked method of cutting curly hair created by Lorraine Massey. What makes this cut special is that hair is cut while curly and dry because this is how you wear your hair daily instead of cut straight and blown out. Its different from trimming ends which is best when done on blown out hair to see the split ends.  The purpose of the Deva Cut is give your curl shape and the ability to fall more naturally.

Very few stylist are training in the Deva Cut. You can find a stylist or salon near you here.

This was the first time I got my hair cut in about a year. I don’t like getting my haircut because there aren’t many stylist I trust and I really wanted my hair to grow. But eventually I decided to get one because unfortunately I had some heat damage I had to get rid of and I also wanted more of shape. So I decided to go and it was an awesome decision! I got rid of all my heat damage, and now my hair has more of a round shape. Also, since all of my heat damaged ends were cut, my curls are a lot curlier and defined ! It makes a huge difference in how they look.

So why did I decide to go to the Devachan Salon? Well, getting the right cut is sooo important! You can’t go to just anybody, especially if they don’t know how to specifically cut curly hair. The Devachan Salon specializes in it—so they make sure that you get the perfect shape and look. They cut your hair while its dry so that you will have the right shape (because if they cut it while wet, they wouldn’t know how much shrinkage you’d get, etc). The right shape also affects how your hair will grow out when it gets longer. So it is super important.

The service was also great! I loved my stylist, Melanie. She is super sweet and cut my hair just how I wanted. And I love how they make you feel like a Princess lol. They offer you coffee, tea, or wine, and after your cut they wash and condition your hair in a super comfy chair while they basically massage your scalp. I almost fell asleep! LOL.

My hair is very easy to style with my new cut. My stylist cut a lot of layers which made my hair easier to manage and comb through! (Thank God lol).  Also my wash and go’s look a lot better! I use SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my leave-in and then apply Curl Junkie’s Pattern Pusha on top as my styling gel.

So as you can see I really loved my Devachan experience and I will probably go back in another year or so. The only con I will mention is that if you have heat damaged or really dead ends—be prepared to lose some length. I lost more than I wanted, but I really think it was because my hair was damaged and needed it. My hair definitely looks a lot better though without those extra dead ends so even though I still miss those 3 inches I lost, my hair has a lot more body and the curls definitely pop more.

I hope these tips helped and if you get a Deva Cut let me know how your experience was! (And tell Melanie I said hi!!  ).

You can find me through my website http://www.heygorjess.com on Instagram @Heygorjess, my fan page on facebook www.facebook.com/heygorjess, or email me at Jessica@heygorjess.com!


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