4 Things You Should Know About Your Natural Hair Journey



(Pun Intended)

Natural Hair… It’s Not a Straight Journey. In fact, it’s winding. Spirally… to be exact.

Too often, as women embark on their natural hair journeys, they are bombarded with images of perfect journeys. Perfect regimens. Perfect twistouts.  Although some natural hair gurus are very candid about their ups and downs, many are not.  So where does that leave the average reader/viewer? Feeling lost.  Wondering how to get on the path to waist length hair. So I’m here to tell you that ish happens. Dryness happens. Breakage happens. And that’s ok because in reality no natural hair journey is perfect.

Here’s some insight on what CAN happen…

Accidents Happen

My first accident happened in my first year. I knew it… just a second after it occurred. I passed the flat iron through a section of my hair and knew right then that it was burnt. (My flat iron had accidentally switched to the highest setting.) I hoped that when I washed my hair a week later that it would revert. It didn’t. It was a loose curl, at best.  Protein treatments barely helped.  So for the next couple of months I curled with a rod so that it matched the rest of my twistout. Each month, I trimmed until the damage was finally gone.

Everyone That “Specializes” in Natural Hair Doesn’t Know Natural Hair

And don’t think for a second that accidents only occur with heat. I learned that lesson the hard way at a hair salon that “specialized” in natural hair.  They did a protein treatment that left my hair hard and dry. Then they proceeded to detangle and style my dry and matted hair. When I took down the style the next day, sections of my hair had already locked.  It took me about three days to detangle my hair. A few sections of my hair couldn’t be salvaged and had to be cut out.

Life Happens

This year, I faced my biggest hurdle. My two-year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  I spent weeks in the hospital with her and my hair was the last of my concerns.  Due to stress, I lost weight. I looked thin and frail. And then the excessive shedding began. To add insult to injury, the shedding tangled in my neglected hair. It was a dry, tangled, shedding, matted mess. And when I finally decided to start taking care of myself again, I had to deal with it.  Lots of deep treatments and three inches of dead ends later, I came out on the other side.  My daughter is doing well…and that is a blessing.

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Growth Happens

Literally and figuratively.  Just like in life, you learn and grow from your hair experiences. You make mistakes and you correct them. You have hurdles, but you overcome them. You learn from those experiences and growth happens.

Hair — like life —  is a journey. It’s not straight. It’s winding. It’s spirally. And it’s yours.

Can you relate? What have you learned about yourself from your natural hair journey?


5 thoughts on “4 Things You Should Know About Your Natural Hair Journey

  1. jikjil4ever

    You are phenomenal. I love the way you are subtly strong. I look forward to the “realness” in your posts. Healing and Lifelong remission in Jesus name for your baby.

    I have been a “serial cutter” for forever. When I think of all the cuts/chops I have made to my hair, I have sabotaged waist length. I have since stopped. January 2013 was my last. I have been natural for at least 10 years so it is ridiculous as my hair grows phenomenally fast. I am not bitter, can you tell? lol but I have stopped.

    Again I love you and look forward to your wisdom in this area and yes all these points are valid and great for encouragement and education.

    1. Latoya

      Thank you so much. I’m praying for her healing. I’m currently obsessed with search and destroy on daily basis. I am constantly cutting out knots and split ends. I REALLY need to stop.

  2. nappy headed black girl

    Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. I hope everything continues to go well.

    You ain’t neva lied about number two. These days anyone can (and does) call themselves a guru or expert. I take these self-imposed titles with a grain of salt. Do your own research and become your own expert.

    As for lessons…I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone, so just focus on pleasing yourself. With natural hair, there’s always someone preaching how you should wear it, how often to clean it, what words you can and can’t use to describe it…a mess.

  3. Ayane

    Girl you have posted nothing but the truth thank you for your raw honesty. I’ve watched some “gurus” with what seems to be perfect journeys — AS IF THIS IS THEIR MILLIONTH TIME DOING THIS AND IT’S NOTHING TO THEM — and it is somewhat discouraging.

    For me, currently, I feel as if I am experiencing excessive breakage on my ends and I’m experiencing fairy knots, UGH, but I’m going to try using my denman as a detangling tool once again after I restock on my favorite detangling conditioner. If this does not work, does anyone have any advice on how to handle this issue, I’ve been working really hard to take care of my hair and I would hate to be plateaued at the same length I was at with my permed hair.

  4. Toni

    THank God your baby is doing well, I pray she continues to do good! So true, this hair journey has lots of ups and downs! But, there is no going back!


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