Tiana Parker | Girl Sent Home Because of Dreads

Locs of Love; A Book Dedicated to Encouraging Tiana Parker

Dr. Yaba Blay, co-Director and Assistant Teaching Professor of Africana Studies at Drexel University, compiled letters of support and photos from women with dreadlocks for Tiana Parker. We first met Tiana Parker a few days ago when her news interview, Tulsa school,  Deborah Brown Community School sends girl home because of dreads, went viral. Like many, myself include Dr. Blay was deeply hurt to see this little girl crying on her local news.  In tears, she responded to the interviewers questions “they don’t like my dreads.”  I believe we all know that feeling of natural hair rejection…

In support of Tiana Parker, Dr. Blay ask…

share this with your networks because as much as this is for Tiana, it is not just about Tiana. Tiana’s story is the one that made the news. Our girls are under attack everywhere. I want them all to know that they have an army of sisters, cousins, aunties, Mamas, GrandMamas, and elders all over the world who support them and at the drop of a dime (or a new story) will have their back.

See the full ebook.


One thought on “Locs of Love; A Book Dedicated to Encouraging Tiana Parker

  1. Macy

    Im sorry, but I feel if there are guidelines I place then the parents knew that before adding them and sending her to school. I feel the parents cohearsed this child into making her feel bad about her hair. The child did nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with her hair, however, if this is in the school handbook why are we so upset and angry.Thats just like saying if you come to work in blue jeans instead of your required uniform you will be sent home and we get upset. . We know the the guidelines we read the handbook. Its not the girls fault. They knew . This child attended this school last year and didnt have the dreads.. Ijs..


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