5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Prevent Hair Damage

Coconut oil is my BFF.  It has so many different uses.  If you follow Natural Hair Rules, you know I mix coconut & olive oil for my hair and scalp.  I also whip up a wonderful Coconut Oil Body Butter.  Because I love the stuff so much I wanted to share 5 ways I discovered it helps to prevent damage in natural hair.

5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Prevent Hair Damage


Decrease Protein Loss

Protein is an important building block of hair. It keeps the hair strong hold. Protein is the hair’s natural defense against breakage. Coconut oil has been proven to decrease the amount of protein loss naturally during each cowash and shampoo.

Prevent Split Ends

Adding a little coconut oil to your regular deep conditioning treatment can help prevent split ends. It naturally penetrates the hair shaft, leaving it soft and increasing elasticity.

Reduces Effects of Hygral Fatigue

Hygral Fatigue is the stress of the hair swelling and contracting when water leaves and enters the hair shaft. This is a natural occurrence but over time it can lead to breakage. The best way to combat hygral fatigue is by pre-pooing with coconut oil before each wash.

Moisturize Hair

Oil is not a moisturizer. This is very true but oil that naturally penetrate the hair will bind to the hair’s internal proteins. This binding increases the hair’s ability to hold on to water molecules.

Prevents Mechanical Hair Damage

Mechanical Hair Damage is usually self-inflicted by rough housing with your hair. In most cases its from improper detangling, or combing dry hair. Coconut oil gives natural girls what we like to call “slip”. It serves as a lubricate for your fingers or comb helping them to glide through without breaking hair strands. Some also believe it loosens tangles. (I haven’t been able to find any scientific evidence to confirm this, though.)

Other Sources: Effect of Coconut Oil on Prevention of Hair Damage. Part 1


How Do You Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair?


21 thoughts on “5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Prevent Hair Damage

  1. benita

    I love using coconut oil in my hair care regimen! when I bcd in april it was the only thing that brought my hair some type of moisture.

  2. Shornelle

    Can you explain to me how to properly pre-poo my hair using coconut oil? I’ve just learnt how I should be washing my hair in twisted sections rather than having it all out and harassing it to comb thru it (lol). I’m trying to learn a regimen for cleaning and protective styling my hair, so forgive the massive amounts of questions that will follow.

    1. ines romero

      Hola tengo el cabello super RESECO, he usado cremas para peinar, gel y otras cosas pero nada me ayuda, cuénteme si el aceite de coco lo unto directamente sobre el cuero cabelludo o lo tengo que mezclar con otra cosa, gracias.-

  3. blessedcoils

    I’ve been using Coconut Oil in my hair because I believe I suffer from Seborrheic dermatitis! The coconut Oil provides my scalp with immediate soothing, softness, and tons of slip. I have a mix of Coconut oil (base), Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and JBCO (.5oz)

  4. Tamika C.

    I love coconut oil for my hair and skin. Once a week after cowashing my hair I mix coconut oil, mango growth treatment and almond oil together to lock in the moisture. May I recommend Puritan’s Pride coconut oil its light weight and a little goes a long way.

  5. Helene Belton

    Nothing to say, just a question: Is the LOC method used only after shampooing to lock in moisture after the final rinse, or can this method be used between shampoos?

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Helene,

      That is a very good question. Its best when done after a shampooing after the rinse but also great between shampoos. Really its a moisturizing regimen to me used as needed.

      1. Helene Belton

        My hair has grown about two inches since it was shaved off in February. I’m having trouble styling the 3 different textures: large loose curls in the back, dry frizzy strands in the middle, a mixture of small waves and dry frizzy curls on top. The LOC method works intermittently. Is there an oil or other product that will moisturizer and soften all three sections?

      2. Tamara Post author

        Hi Helene,

        Thank you for your comment. Did you recently big chop or go natural? Because if you did your hair may still be making the adjustment to being completely natural. Eventually all of your hair will remain soft and moisturized over time.

        But it’s kinda hard to accurately answer your question with so little details. I recommend that you sign up for my weekly newsletter and consider registering for my upcoming natural hair workshop where I will touch on topics like moisturizing your individual head of hair (More details about the workshop: http://www.naturalhairrules.com/natural-hair-workshop/). You can sign up for my newsletter here–> http://eepurl.com/znH9T

  6. Sheila

    I love Coconut oil and use it both internally and externally. I use it in this manner for the optimal health benefits I can gain from it. I also use it in my cold process soap making. It is the oil to use if you want your soap to: 1. lather well,2. be sufficiently hard (solid bar soaps) and 3. come to “trace” ( thicken to a vanilla-pudding- like consistancy before pouring in to soap molds) faster than without it. This being said I’ve learned quite a bit about the chemistry of Coconut oil and the respect we aught give it when using it. I’ve been reading lately on many a natural hair care blog how many naturals are using Coconut oil as a pre-poo. Many women have stated that it has dried out their hair. Well I may be able to offer some more insight as to how this could be happening using soap making chemistry as an example.

    Coconut oil in any soap making formulation should not exceed 30% of your base oil blend other wise the resulting soap will be very drying to the skin. Although you could use up to 100% Coconut oil, it is widely overstood by soapmakers, that a 100% Coconut oil soap formula would only be used by Mariners, as it is the only soap that will lather in salt/sea water ( and is aptly named Mariners Soap). The high lauric acid content of Coconut oil is what gives it this property. It is also what makes it, if used in excess drying or irritating to the skin.

    So in a nut shell, what I am saying is “Everything in moderation”. If you’re going to use Coconut oil in your skin and hair preparations (as I do) , avoid using it as a stand alone. Make it an integril part of a custom blend no more than 30% in any formulation. At 30% maximum Coconut oil is moisturizing, any more than this and Coconut oil will do the very opposite of what you want it to.

  7. bernice

    Hi can you please tell me what I can use on my hair to keep it from getting tangled. Every time I wash my hair it gives me that problem.

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