4 Quick Natural Hairstyles for Moms

4 Quick Natural Hairstyles for Moms

I have a very busy toddler who only moves at lightning speed. Seriously, he takes off running everywhere. You can see for yourself. Here’s a video of what our evening walk looks like. Needless to say, I don’t have the 5+ hours to dedicate to wash day like I used to. I had to find quick natural hairstyles for my long, thick natural hair. Below are 4 of my favorites.

Top Knot

This bun gives me life. Its super easy. I love a quick hairstyle that still looks uniquely intricate. And this style is just that. I know what you’re thinking “I can’t wait til my hair gets that long”.  But don’t worry; this style works for hair as short as neck length. If you can put your hair in a high bun or puff, you can do this style. You can see more pictures and video tutorial for this natural hair top knot.

Natural Hair Top Knot

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5 thoughts on “4 Quick Natural Hairstyles for Moms

  1. LaShanda Parker

    Can a top knot be considered a protective style? I usually do a puff; can turning it into a top knot take it from a low maintenance style to a protective style since the ends are not exposed?


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