You Did The Big Chop; 5 Things People Thinking

You did the big chop; 5 Things People are Thinking

Photo Credit: Jojo Abot

Once again not to jump on the Beyoncé bandwagon. You know we got a congraduHATER relationship which is weird because I have arranged the wedding of our children. Yep, my Prince is engaged to Blue Ivy.   Anyway, I was so amused by Beyonce’s hair cut. I mean it made NATIONAL news. CNN gave her haircut full coverage. o_0 WHY???

Reading the comments are always hilarious.  It made me think about all the things people think when someone cuts all their hair off regardless of who they are. Unfortunately, its usually negative. Originally posted on


You’re Crazy

Every woman that shaves her head is not having a Britney Spears moment (at least not every time).

When I did my first and only big chop and cut off all my hair, my mom (bless her heart) thought I was crazy. “No one in their right mind would cut off all that long and pretty hair,” she said. I was tired of propitiating the image of long-haired beauty. I explained it was about redefining my self-image. Needless to say, she was unconvinced.

Your Man Is Doing You Wrong

Some women do a big chop in response to a break up. I totally get it! Cutting your hair is very liberating. Cutting your hair can be a sign of rebellion towards that ex that only wanted women with long hair. It could also be a sign of adulthood; maybe your parent didn’t allow you to cut your hair. In either case, short hair is a badge of emancipation.

You’re Having A Mid-Life Crisis

The fact is when we, as women are going through something, our hair is the first thing to go. A new ‘do’ can change your whole outlook on life. Hair is also an easy target, because you can always (eventually) go back — no change is permanent. When we want to change something about ourselves or life, we either dye it or cut it.

You’re Losing It (Your Hair, That Is)

Hair loss or alopecia is more common in both men and women than we think. In response to balding, someone might want to get ahead of it by shaving or cutting their hair before alopecia is apparent. (No pun intended)

You’re Sick

It’s unfortunate when someone cuts their hair that comments like “you look like a cancer patient” are made. It’s very sad, but a common assumption. Making the choice to cut your hair shouldn’t be equated to a life altering disease.

What were some the comment you got when you drastically changed your hair?

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16 thoughts on “You Did The Big Chop; 5 Things People Thinking

  1. Ayane

    When my dad saw it he was like exclaiming how dare you cut off your hair now you’re going to be bald headed forever…. my hair is currently passed where it used to be and it’s only been a few months.. btw, it was passed shoulder length – now it’s passed collar bone length in only a few months.

  2. Sha'Quiel

    At first, no one really said anything. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. A little later, my mom made a comment and it went something like me looking like a boy, and why did I do it. I told her I wanted to be natural. It’s a shame I never had any experience with the hair that grows out of my head before my BC in July. Everytime I would see even a little coil growing out, oh no, it was time for a perm. But I’m starting to like my hair. It’s short, which kind of frustrates me because there’s nothing much I can do it, but I’m learning.

    1. NHR Post author

      Enjoy it because as your hair grows you may find yourself missing the simplicity of the TWA. I know I do!

  3. Theresa

    My dad made mean comment…it looks ugly, aren’t you hot with that curly hair? Ugh..its growing like wild fire, first time without a relaxer in 25 years. My hair is happy, hopefully soon I will be too!

  4. Mika Murray

    When I did my big chop it was the end of my freshman year in college and I finally worked up the nerve to just get up one day and chop it all off myself (mistake number 1). The first thing I did was call my best friend who did not believe me until she saw that day in class. Everyone basically thought id lost it. I got comments ranging from me being brave to “are you gay now?” Yeah, the lesbian comments came up a few times. Either way I was so proud of myself and I would not take it back for a second!

  5. Mishca

    My mom also said that I looked like a boy when I did my big chop last Christmas. She asked what could have possessed me to do such a thing. I told her I decided to go natural and did not want to wait for the relaxer to grow out. It’s been over 9 months and she keeps asking me what do I plan to do with my hair. My response is absolutely nothing, just continue to watch it growing out in its natural state.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Good for you! From my experience the one’s that ask questions like that are usually the one who end up doing the same thing. You are courageously paving a way for her to be her natural self.

  6. maya

    I just did my second big chop and I am starting to love it all over again. This time it is a lot shorter though. I cut it down to a fade with my bold self! Now I get comments like (are you sick, why did you cut it, did you cut your hair, what are you going to do now, I could not do that, it actually looks good on you, and so much more). When people ask why I cut my hair I either say one of two things. If they are nice about it I tell them the truth. That I cut my hair after a girl braided it too tight causing me to have bald spots in the back. I then decided to start fresh again. Or if they seem rude I tell them what ever I feel like saying. This could include me telling them I cut my hair just for the heck of it.

  7. Shana

    I got a range of comments, favourite was that I had to be crazy to cut off all my hair. My roomie at the time thought I had lost it because her hair hardly grows to any serious length so she couldn’t understand why I wanted to do the BC. I’ve been natural for about 3 years now and may have to do another BC (because of something stupid which I did, but that’s another story). To this day my mum still looks at my hair and asks “so what are you going to do with your hair?” LOL. She’s waiting for me to go back to Creamy Crack.

  8. brooke

    I decided to go shorter and shorter over time. The final step was going from a short bob to three side shave fauxhawk. my mum hates It and cant understand but feel so free with it. I also get the lesbian comments but I don’t care as they are true. before people ask I didn’t cut it off just because Im gay.

  9. lovemefirst

    I’ve gotten mostly positive responses on my Big Chop but that was not why I did it. I did it because I have worn weave for so long that it began to take out my hair and the perms dried it out. It was either go natural or end up bald before I’m 40. So I shaved it all off on 2/1/14 and have not looked back. My hair is growing so quickly. I deep condition it everyday and use oil and other hair products from the Dollar Tree. Yes the Dollar Tree to keep it moist and healthy. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get good results you just have to find the right products. OH and a good hair brush. LOL

    Checkout my Big Chop Reveal!

    1. Angela

      Hello how are you? What do you deep condition your hair with? What hair products do you buy from dollar tree? Thanks!

  10. Ellis

    Oh my days my mum said the same thing ‘your crazy’ my dad asked if I was going through a mid-life crisis at 25. This was funny to me coz out of all he hair styles I had had (trust I’m always changing my style each month) it was like everyone around me was saying ‘you can change your hair however you wish, expect for cutting it’.

    I did a BIG chop (from almost bra strap length to boy cut short) in Dec 31st 2013. I’ve had healthy long relaxed hair since as young as I can remember (probably 8yrs old), so it really came as a shock to everyone as I never said a word to anyone about cutting it.
    It was a surprise and I don’t regret it at all. I’m loving my twa and finally seeing and getting to know my hair in it’s natural state.

  11. Lolita

    They accepted the fact that my hair was breaking as a result of not putting relaxer in it. Now, I have a head full of curls and I hear “why don’t you relax it. It will be so much easier.” No it wouldn’t! Easier for who? Not happening!


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