[Natural Hair Problems] My Hair Never Falls Pass My Shoulders

My Mid Back Length Hair Never Falls Below My Shoulders In A Twist Out

My Mid Back Length Hair Never Falls Below My Shoulders In A Twist Out


My Biggest Natural Hair Problem…

I have been natural since 2006 and I have hair that is way beyond my shoulders. But you would never know it. I’m starting to think I have a shrinkage length of neck length or NL. But in reality my hair is really mid back length (MBL) when blown out or stretched. (Natural Hair Length Chart)

When I post pics of my twist out on Instagram someone always ask “did you cut your hair?” NO!!! That’s muthersucking shrinkage…

I’m not one to obsess about length but sometimes I would like to see the full length of my hair. Well not the full length but I would like for my growth to be evident. You know what I mean? I put so much time into caring for my body, hair, and skin. I have a rock solid regimen. I retain length and protective style. I KNOW My Hair IS GROWING. I want to see the fruits of my labor. But oh shrinkage.

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For years I didn’t even know my hair was long enough to put in a low bun or puff. It always looks shoulder length wet and more like neck length when dry. I’m not going to be blowing my hair out every week just to prove to myself that its growing but dang. Can I see some length in my twist out or wash & go? I was sure once my hair got to mid back length I would have a long, luscious twist out but nope. Maybe its just one of the quirks of my 4b hair. I don’t know.

Ok, I’m not going rant too much longer about this. But dang can I see my growth! I digress *sigh*

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My Mid Back Length Hair Stretched

Tell me about your BIGGEST Natural Hair Problems in the Comment Section Below


24 thoughts on “[Natural Hair Problems] My Hair Never Falls Pass My Shoulders

  1. Tia

    Girl you are my natural hair twin! My hair is the exact same as urs…..length, shrinkage, and kinkiness. I understand ur pain, which I have gotten to the point where I dont obsess about how long my hair is straight or stretched, I like to see how long it hangs curly, which right now it is a little past my shoulders in the back. I figure for all of it to hang past my shoulders curly, it needs to be damn near hip length straight due to my massive shrinkage. But one thing I do to combat this is to stretch my hair using the tension method and a blow dryer. I am also trying to combat fairy knots, so I try not to do twist or braid outs on wet shrunken hair. This way shows my length more, but I am not so much a length junkie, as long as i know how long my hair is, im good! Lol

      1. Tia

        Yes but my knots sometimes span up 3-5 inches from the ends of my hairs….so a trim of even a half inch won’t get rid of them. The best thing is for me to prevent them.

      2. NHR Post author

        Good! You are exactly right. Since I’ve been getting regular trims and taking other preventive methods has really helped my hair. We’re on the right track!

  2. TWA4now

    Wow! I would love to have that hair length any day. I have 6 or 7 inch hair. Some ear or neck length if i stretch it out. Right now, I have detangling and shedding issues. I know hair sheds but mines may be too much. I noticed heating conditioner yields better result too. I try to keep it in twist bi-weekly and then re twist. Any suggestions or conditioners I can use?

  3. Heather Pope

    Here is my natural hair dilemma… I have THREE different textures to my hair. If you divide my hair into three cross sections, the back third corkscrews when it air dries. I love this section of my hair. The center section (right in the crown) is coarse and tends to be drier than the rest of my hair. And the front third is soft and wavy, with straight ends (there are no chemicals in my hair). Trying to find and keep a consistent hair style is beyond frustrating especially when my straight ends don’t blend well into the rest of my hair. I’ve even cut it a couple of times trying to make it blend but once it hits a certain length, the ends straighten out again. I am open to all suggestions for trying to give my hair a uniform look.

    1. Larke

      We have the SAME curl pattern! lol I love my shrinkage personally, but it doesn’t always look good with the back extra curly, the middle frizzy and bushy and the front wavy and almost straight

    2. Trenace

      Same problem here, hence why I will ONLY wear a twist out… as much as I like the WNG, I don’t like that my hair won’t look the same throughout my head.

    3. Angel

      I have the same problem. I always do braid outs because the front part of my hair won’t hold a twist well. I like to swoop the straight part over like a bang; it makes it look like I tried to style my har that way.

  4. LACEY

    I understand completely I have 3c hair but i have a lot of spiral curls so my hair shrinks to nl but it is also way down my back but no one will ever know it. I tried stretching it ever kind of way here and there but my hair after a few hours reverts to curls shrinks so I don’t stress about it I just been wearing it in protective styling as of lately.

  5. Amelia Brash

    i know what ur problem is that is so me i have 4b/4c hair and it shrinks up a lot they said that our type hair goes up to 75% in shrinkage but i have been using some palmers curl condition pudding with the elasta qp and i had the best twistout ever and my hair was longer oh and i heard that the dark and lovely au naturale line really makes your hair longer the shampoo especially so u should try this stuff but please note do not use any of the au naturale creams and curling stylers just the shampoo and or conditioner and then after washing and conditioning use the palmers curl condition and the elasta qp moisturizer your hair with be beautifully long

    1. NHR Post author

      I’m ok with the shrinkage. I would like for my hair to fall below my shoulders naturally. But if it does, so be it.

  6. Elena

    My hair is naturaly thin, I wore wigs and extention, but I would like to grow natural hair. What can I do for it to grow thik.

  7. LaToya

    Shrinkage has been the reason I feel like giving up on this natural journey. It just seems like i’ll have this curly fro forever. **deep sigh**

  8. carlasnaturalcurls

    This is my daughter’s problem exactly. She currently has MBL hair as well, but you would never know it because of her shrinkage. Her hair hits about an inch or two past NL if her twists are done on dry hair, but more like NL when not. The great thing about her hair is that it is super thick so she can wear beautiful, elegant, full styles…she wants to wear styles that show her length. To compromise, I straighten her hair twice a year which makes her super happy. Whenever her hair is straightened, she says all her classmates can’t believe that’s all her hair. She says ” I try to tell them my hair is long, but they don’t believe me; I get tired of everyone trying to touch my hair to see if it’s real.” She is growing to love her shrinkage though, but she still always comments on how she wish you could tell her hair is long.

  9. Wanda

    isn’t there a technique called “binding” that will stretch your hair after washing without using heat. I read on youtube sorry don’t remember channel, but young lady gathered hair in 4 or more ponytails and used bands down the length of each ponytail to the end. she slept with hair drying that way, when bands were removed hair did not spring right back.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Its called banding. Its just a little more time consuming than I prefer lol. I’m ok with my shrinkage but on occasions I stretch my hair in twist or braids.

  10. Juanita

    goodness me, I’d probably stretch my hair every day if i had shrinkage like that loo. my hair seems to shrink up to the next level and that’s about it. For instance, my hair looked ear-length when it was really SL. And, now it looks SL even though I’m currently APL. So, I imagine the trend will continue.

    But, like you said, women with the 4b hair seem to face this problem a lot. Hell, even my daughter’s hair shrinks way more than mine – but she’s 4a.

    My only problem is waiting on BSL. It’s like a watched clock never ticks or something.

  11. Mary

    Shrinkage and breakage are my major problems before. But Thanks to all naturalistas who share their tips on how to prevent these problems, now I know how to handle and prevent them. 🙂

  12. dee wright

    Ive seen some set where hair is set in the twist or braid out, and then the twist/braid is elongated with pins during the setting process. Once you undo the twist/braid, it should have some elongation past the point it would be without the additional step. I’ve never done this bc I like my shrinkage but it makes sense.


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