Nicole’s Natural Hair Top Knot

I saw Nicole’s Natural Hair Top Knot in the flesh about a week ago.  I met a fellow naturalista, Dotoria (sp.) at Starbuck’s wearing this fabulous full, juicy high bun.  I wanted to take out my Marley Twist right then and there to try it myself.  But instead I experimented with my Curlformers. And we all know that was a fail.

To savage the mess of curls for my failed Curlformers Set, I figured this bun would be perfect. And it was.  I’m so in love with this here bun. “Life Has Been Given” 🙂

Below is the original video tutorial by Nicole Melton, Essence Online Beauty Editor. Hints the name Nicole’s Natural Hair Top Knot.  I have made a few tweaks to this tutorial so I may do my own Youtube tutorial if requested.  I’ve been rocking this bun for about a week on and off. Check out my pictures from my Instagram below.

More Pictures from My Instagram

I'm in love… with this here bun #naturalhairrules

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Still loving this bun! Gotta do a YT tutorial. It's super easy. #naturalhairrules

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I decide to put my Curlformer curls into #nicolesnaturalhairtopknot. #naturalhairrules

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7 thoughts on “Nicole’s Natural Hair Top Knot

      1. TWA4now

        Don’t give up on the curlerforms, try it on dry hair with setting lotion. I, too, would like to see a tutorial on how you achieve that royal bun! #HHJ

  1. Bernadette

    I think I just found my Monday up do! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am always looking for styles that do not call for blown out hair or fake hair to be added.


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