10 Places To Buy Shea Butter

Where do you buy Shea Butter and other natural butters for your hair and body.  This is a frequently asked question.  A lot of people have a hard time finding quality unrefined Shea butter locally.  You can luck up on a nice batch at a hair show but those are only once a year. Believe me I share your pain.   Of course, a health food store or a Wholefoods would have Shea butter but its usually refined or not in its purest form.  This is why I asked my Facebook page where they go for quality unrefined Shea butter, Mango butter and Cocoa butter. Scroll Down to NEXT PAGE for the full list.

10 Place Where You Can Buy Shea Butter


27 thoughts on “10 Places To Buy Shea Butter

  1. pg

    Hi again, Halaleveryday is on Amazon and have some to the purest products and if you call in your order they will give you a discount.

  2. Ashley

    How did you like the quality of the product that you received? I am thinking about ordering some of the Ivory Shea.

    1. Stephanie Hansen

      How do you like your product? I’m a budding aromatherapist and I’m blending and mixing everyday for people. I’m really looking for a high quality Shea Butter bc it’s my absolute favorite ingredient and I want to make nourishing blends. Thanks in advance.

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  4. Khadijah

    Hello Top Grade Organic Shea Butter consultants and distributors. Ature Body Essence. Visit us on Twitter and facebook.
    We belive:

    You must learn about Shea Butter growth process and vaious grades before formulating and selling the producr.


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