3 Things Everyone Should Know About the Trayvon Martin Case/ Zimmerman Verdict

The Trayvon Martin Case/ Zimmerman Verdict has nothing and everything to do with race. Shading light black on black crime rates is a deflection and not rebuttal of injustice in our legal system.

As a black women and mother of a son, this case was very personal. Although, I am hurt by the outcome of the Trayvon Martin Case. I can’t allow it to fester into resentment and bitterness. I will continue to focus my energy into being a change agent. Heal, not hurt others during this trying time.  I wanted to share 3 important facts that everyone should know about the Trayvon Martin Case/Zimmerman Verdict. It is my hope that he would have not died in vain.

Trayvon Martin 1It Has Nothing, Yet Everything To Do With Race

Yes, Trayvon Martin was profiled for walking while black. But the injustice in the Zimmerman acquittal is that the killer of an unarmed youth is free. The emphasis should be on protecting those that can’t protect themselves. Our youth. If you can stalk and kill a minor under the confines of the law, what’s next? Where does that leave our future leaders of America?

The Death of Trayvon Martin is Unrelated To Our Black & Black Violence Issue

In the heat of the Zimmerman verdict, a “Facebook Unfriend” asked “What about the 100+ black kids shooting themselves in Chicago…where’s the outrage for them?”

The outrage is still there. This is why we are demanding justice within our legal system. In cases of black on black crime in Chicago, there were no suspects to charge. Many are unsolved murders. And I’m sure if there were suspects; charges were pressed and convicted under the law. Where as Zimmerman, an admitted killer was acquitted under the same law. The acquittal is the major distinction. This argument is not an equivalent or rebuttal but a deflection; a distraction from the REAL issue. It does not address the problem at hand.

Let’s not be distracted from the holes in our legal system. Anti-racism expert, Tim Wise said it best in his Newsroom interview with Don Lemon the morning after the Zimmerman Verdict.  Skip to about 3:30 on the video player for the above link.

If We, As A Nation Want Change; We Must Stand United

Please believe me in sharing this, I am deeply dishearten by this verdict. There isn’t an easy way to address this situation. It’s not without deep anguish that I encourage myself as well as who ever reads this. I know there is not a singular action that can undo Trayvon Marthin’s death or Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

Saturday, I received a notification that read “Zimmerman: Not Guilty”. Immediately, tuned into CNN for confirmation and answers. My social media feed expressed feels that ranged from exasperation, frustration, confusion, anger, indifference, ignorance, despair and hopelessness. We as a county are hurting. This verdict is only the tip of the iceberg. We have been hopefully but recent event have many’s emotions on edge.

When it comes to race matters or civil rights, its easy for division to present itself. Racial tension can divide and distract from the issues. But there is strength in numbers. Let’s not just be social media great debates. Be the change, demand the change. Stand together in protest of unjust laws and policies. Vote at all levels. That is what we as a community and individuals CAN do.



3 thoughts on “3 Things Everyone Should Know About the Trayvon Martin Case/ Zimmerman Verdict

  1. marieyoung

    I can’t even muster up words. It’s just sad. Even sadder that I too am raising a black man myself…. geez!


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