Finding The Perfect Swimsuit After Baby

Finding The Perfect Swimsuit After Baby

IMG_1216I’m 20 months postpartum. Can you say postpartum when your son is 20 months? I mean its been a year and a half, almost two years… I guess so if you can hold on to baby weight for decades. Anyhoo, I haven’t worn a two-piece since pre-baby. Any mom will tell you a baby changes the way you look at yourself.

Although, I had a celebrity bounce back. You know Beyonce and I are practically family.  I was in all my pre-pregger’s clothes 6 weeks postpartum. Since having my baby I’m smaller now. I suppose I can credit that to a low cal diet or better yet forgetting to eat. Exercising daily which really means I chase after my tot. Oh and 13 months of breastfeeding didn’t hurt. I mean I haven’t been this small since 9th grade. 9th grade!!! I’m not too happy about that but its cool.

I’m content with my current weight and the fit of my clothes but wearing a swimsuit is different. I’m convinced everything has gone south.  I’m still very self-conscious about my post-baby body.  So I came up with a game plan to Find The Perfect Swimsuit After Baby.


I have a one piece but I wanted a two-piece. I’m very lucky to be stretch mark free and I want to show it off. Once I decided on a bikini it was time to decide on bikini style. The best style for my build is hipster and either a halter top or sized top. Here’s a full list of Swimsuit Styles.


How do you want your swimming suit to fit? I know that I’m going to be chasing Prince so I need a suit that going to stay in place. It has to fit perfectly. I don’t want to have to keep adjusting or risk something popping out at the pool or beach. That’s not cute.


All moms’ have areas that need some extra support whether its the belly, breast, or butt. I need support in the breast area. I have always been heavy-chested. I was hoping breastfeeding would make my breast go down but no such luck. When shopping for a bikini top its imperative that the top has enough fabric and support. I don’t want to lose my top or have any wardrobe malfunctions.


I’m cheap frugal. Price is always going to be a determining factor for any swimming suit. I gave myself a $40-60 budget for my perfect suit. I actually found my suit for right around $43 at Macy’s. It also coordinates with another suit I already have. Its always a plus when you can mix and match between suits.

 What Do You Look For In A Swimsuit?

2 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Swimsuit After Baby

  1. Erica

    Looks like we’ve had opposing effects. I can’t where a 2pc. due to stretch marks from baby #1 (out of 3). After the third I think my babies took more than their share in nursing because now I need something with assistance or it will look like I have two backs. My youngest is 2 1/2 and I’m still working on tucking that tummy. So you’re doing great!

  2. mrsmarieyoung

    Girl, I’m postpartum 6 months snd I cant even THINK about a two piece. Lol You look great mama!


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