Natural Hair High Bun

How To Create A High Bun on Natural Hair

How to Do a Natural Hair High Bun Ninja Bun Here’s how to create a high bun on natural hair with the best products to use and video tutorial.

The high bun is very popular this season. It you can pull your hair up into a high pony tail you can achieve this style.

This style works best for me on an old twist/braid out or blow dried hair. My hair was blown out with a blow dry using the tension method in the tutorial video.   (Tutorial video coming soon for the tension method).

The key to this hairstyle is smoothing your edges with a styling pomade or gel.  For the purposes of the video, I used Eden BodyWork Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze (Gel), 6oz, $8.99 Wal-Mart and Sally’s.  I prefer either the previously mentioned Coconut Shea Edge Glaze or Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste, 4oz, $8.99, Target and Wal-mart because they are both made with moisturizing natural ingredients.

I did find that I need to spray a little water before or after applying both. This help create a natural, smooth finish versus a gelled caked down look.  You know what I mean?

Elastic ponytail holders are very important. Stay away from metal closures that can grab and pull out hair.  If the rubber is showing go ahead and toss it.  Grab a new ponytail holder, your hair will thank you later.


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