Wrap Your Natural Hair

Stretch Natural Hair without Heat Using the Ole School Wrap

We are always looking for ways to stretch our natural curls without heat.  Within ways to heatless ways to stretch natural hair, we have African threading, Set Styles and now add this to the list, Ole School Wrap.  I stumbled upon this technique of stretching natural hair with a ole school wrap.  You know the same wrap you used when you had a relaxer.  Its the same thing. Shampoo and Condition your hair like normal.  Part detangled hair on the side or middle and smooth your hair back and around.  Hold it into place with jumbo bobby pins or a duck bill clip.  Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you may need a handful).  After it drys removed the pins/clips and smooth hair down.

I’ve tried this once before but when I first went natural. It turned out pretty well. But that was a long time ago.  I’m going to experiment with this technique.  But in the meantime, you try it. Ameka was so sweet to share her pictures with us.  And look at how stretch her curls are.

What your favorite method for stretching your curls?

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Stretch Your Natural Hair with a Wrap

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5 thoughts on “Stretch Natural Hair without Heat Using the Ole School Wrap

  1. NubianPrize

    Back in the 70s I used to stretch my hair into a huge afro by just washing, conditioning & braiding it while it was damp & letting it dry or drying it to damp with a blow dryer set on cool. I would spray it with StaSofFro ,Afro Sheen,S Curl. My 4a/b hair is fine,soft & fairly easy to deal with, so I never ever had a blowout or did a wrap. I had gone natural anyway because of a disastrous relaxer that took my hair out.Never had another,

  2. Natty Boo

    Ain’t no way that I’d be able to wrap my 4c hair around my head. Even with clips or pins…still wouldn’t work.


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