How to Develop a Natural Hair Care Regimen for Your Daughter

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How to Develop a Natural Hair Care Regimen for Your Daughter

By: Nik Scott

Every natural hair care regimen should begin with the same three ingredients: cleansing, conditioning and caring.  It’s no different for your daughter. Whenever someone ask “what do you do to their [my two daughters’] hair?” I respond, “keep it clean, keep it moisturized and leave it alone.”  It’s that simple. Also, see video below. When developing your child’s hair care regimen ask yourself these questions:

  • Cleansing How are you going to keep her hair clean and how often are you going to clean it?
  • Conditioning What are you going to use to condition her hair and how are you going to do it?
  • Caring How are you going to care for her hair.  Are you going to cornrow it?  Leave it in pony tails?  Will you use rubber bands?  A wash-n-go?  All of these fall into the caring ingredient.

Once you have these things outlined, you can begin to implement them into a routine.  One thing to note, though, is that no hair care routine has ever been developed without a whole lot of trial and error.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with your daughter’s hair regimen.  Your daughter is unique and her hair regimen will be unique.  You may be able to use your same routine on her hair and you might not.  All of your daughters might be able to use the same products and they might not…don’t get discouraged, just keep trying until you get it right.

For us, our hair and our lifestyle, less is more.  I cleanse their hair by conditioner washing every 4-6 weeks.  When they were younger I cleansed every week.  I follow cleansing with a leave-in conditioner and proceed to caring with detangling and styling.  I believe the caring piece of their routine is the most important in contributing to length retention.  Specifically, how often I detangle.  Whether it was when they were little and once a week, or currently, every 4-6 weeks, I only detangle on wash day.

Overcoming Hair Care Challenges When Developing a Regimen for Your Daughter

My biggest challenge I’ve had with both my girls hair is the length.  Both my daughter’s hair, when stretched, is butt length.  Like they can literally sit on their hair.  I know that many moms want this length for their own daughter’s hair, but it IS challenging.  Obviously I don’t want to cut their hair, and they don’t want me to cut it at this point either, so I overcame this challenge by stretching the time between wash days.  Like I said, when hey were younger, we were washing, conditioning and styling every week, then it went to two weeks, and now we’re sitting at the maximum, 4-6 weeks.

There you have it!  I hope that you found the answers to these questions to be helpful!  As a mother, caring for your daughter’s natural hair can be a fun bonding experience!  I mean what other time can both of you teach, learn, experiment and play in hair all at the same time!


Nik Scott is a natural hair YouTuber and the author of 10 Easy Steps To Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair Off!  Be on the look out for Nik’s children’s book My Hair Is So Happy coming in 2013.  For more information about Nik and her daughters’ natural hair, subscribe to Nik’s YouTube channel at


12 thoughts on “How to Develop a Natural Hair Care Regimen for Your Daughter

  1. kate

    My daughter is 16mos and it does not hold conditioners or oils for any moisture. I have spent so much on different products. It is just so dry especially in back where she leans her head on stuff like carseat couch etc. I can put in oil wet or dry and massage forever and it just doesn’t absorb. So it is always a tangled mess. I cleanse 2 times a week and condition and then try to moisturize everyday with oil or a leave in nothing works. Help

  2. mber

    I have had people tell me to trim my girls natural ends and I had some tell me not to? They even said my three year old needs her end trimmed. Should I have them trimmed or should I wait? Their ages are 9, 7 1/2, and 3.

  3. April

    How do you make it a fun experience? I love my 5 year old daughter’s curls, but we both dread the once a week wash, condition, and comb.

  4. Marie

    Hi I wanted to know what type and how you dilute the shampoo for your daughters hair I have 4 girls and they have tons of hair I want to grow it longer also I have a question about my own hair after having my last child my hair has started to breake badly mostly in the middle hos can I fixed this what kind of oil do you put on your daughters hair

  5. Mary

    I agree with your statement “keep it clean, keep it moisturized and leave it alone.”. Thank you for sharing your and your daughter’s hair regimen and your personal experience. Take care!

  6. Rebecca

    Hey my daughter is mixed and I’m at a loss for what to do with her hair. She is three years old and her hair hasn’t really growing much it’s about 4 inches long when wet and combed out but once it drys which is quickly it shrivels up and becomes very nappy and very hard to work with. I would love for her hair to be soft and her ringlet curls to be more defined like they are when wet. I’ve recently started using your olive oil and coconut oil spray as a leave-in every day spray hoping it will help with her serious moisture issue. If you have any tips for this struggling mama it would help alot! Thx girl, love your site.

  7. traci

    I would like to know how often I need to moisturize my daughter’s hair. She is two years old with a beautiful hair texture and I use “mixed chicks” on her hair with natural oils. I wash and deep condition once a week, but then the next few days her hair seems dry. What should be the daily regimen I guess is my question? Or do I just leave it alone?


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